Poll: Taunt vs Roar!

  • Yes for Taunt
  • Yes for Roar
  • None of the above
  • don’t care if they are in or not.

Alright people time to cast your vote. this does NOT mean TRS will or will not add in whatever wins. just a community poll on whether you would like to see taunts or roars in the game. or if you dont.

a taunt would be something vulgar or comedic

a roar is a battlecry or animation to start or end a climatic fight.

Vote now!

Giving monsters a roar ability, either as a cosmetic feature or actual power
Modification suggestion for Hunter status wheel
There should be a taunt button. (or even dance emotes!)
I know this has been mentioned briefly before (Monster taunt req)

Having read through the last thread to have it locked here was my thought.

Why not just make the roar button only work in custom games if it becomes a problem? Honestly I only want to roar at my friends, don’t really care about it in online matchmaking.

I actually agree that having played league and WoW that people abuse emote spam in very negative ways but I disagree we should not have a feature in the game that everyone said would be fun just because some bad eggs will play the game. We can see in halo where there were no emotes people still found a way to taunt (t-bagging) so trolls will find a way, even if we don’t give them any tools.

I think not adding a roar because of trolls comes under; throwing out the baby with the bathwater.


Please add this TRS I want to roar as the goliath!!!


cant i make it voting only? well leave it up for a day or so and close the poll then open the comments? idk @Plaff help :smile:


I’m for everything but the custom games part. Oh and @kyronr600 brilliant of you to distinguish the roar and taunt part!


Please. Voice your opinion as much as you want, but PLEASE, don’t try to prevent others from voicing their own.

Let the vox populi chime in.


I’m the only one that voted for a taunt? I’m a hipster, yay!


I don’t want to close another thread today so please keep it clean, and Rctboy please stay out of this thread or I will have to suspend you, this is a warning and I really don’t want to have to do that! :frowning:

Now back on topic, folks! :thumbsup:


Hehe, what kind of taunt would you like?


I’m a bit against censoring people’s opinions like that, but I suppose there wasn’t a win-win moderation call to make this time.


My idea for a roar that I feel fits in the universe and will add immersion while simultaneously have cons and pros for the monster player that decides to use a taunt.

The monster performs a characteristic roar for 3 seconds. During those 3 seconds wildlife in a 50m radius react. Birds fly away, wildlife run away, and the hunters can hear the roar from ~150-200m away (Directional of course). Roar has a short internal CD (maybe 10-15 seconds).

If a monster wants to abuse this they will a) give away their location constantly b) Lose out on time to feed (Stunned for 3 seconds and wildlife are all running away)


Could you care to elaborate the difference between a taunt vs a roar? I personally think they’re the same, but I’m glad you seperated them because of the negative connotation taunt has created.


A taunt would have the monster tea bagging a dead hunter, or other aggravating gestures/sounds.

A roar is exactly what it sounds like :U




Haha, I’m just wondering on the off chance, how WOULD they implement an aggravating gesture. :smile:


Something simple, kinda like in TF2 where you are stuck in the animation.
Like bashing your chest, as an example.
Nothing that hurt anyone else but you if you spam it.


in my opinion a roar is a gesture that displays dominance similar to how many animals do today like lions etc. a taunt is an action like you’re purposely trying to provoke, anger or display some kind of negative energy towards someone that’s how I see it


Something to consider about a physical animated taunt is that everyone monster would have to have a unique animated option. A chest beat works great for Goliath, but not for Kraken for instance. While I don’t agree with either, having a roar only would be immensely easier to code than a unique physical animation for all monsters/hunters.


Aww cmon, get creative and give me a good taunt from each monster :wink: