POLL : Suggestion for rabe

So I was wondering if renegade abes kit could have shotgun as default weapon swap from never dart.
As in, I often find when swapping from shotgun to dart and back ill find im now using the grenades instead.
It’s a minor annoyance at worst but the amount of swapping with him it can put a dent in damage output when against someone like goliath and I like not needing silver swap speed just to negate this one issue.
Does anyone else get this with rabe? And would you find that going straight to shotgun from dart being easier?

  • Yes I get this, I don’t think anything needs done
  • Yes I get this and think return to shotgun as priority would help
  • No I don’t get this but think it would aid others
  • No I don’t get this and don’t think it needs changed

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Thought it might be worth pointing out it may be down to me using a controller rather than keyboard and mouse that causes this.

Yeah I mentioned this the other day. I don’t get why it does that, there is no reason for it.
I think they just wanted his modified abilities/gear to be in the same slots as normal abe- but given his rotation it really shouldn’t be.

The way it is now is great for opening ie start with the dart for the extra damage, nade for damage reduction then start the pain but after the first cycle it’s a pain.
I prioritise having the dart in because it helps everyone, especially if there is a slim that small amount adds up damage wise which rabe does need.
I like him best for assault because although he doesn’t have burst like some of the others if you keep that rotation going he gives consistent damage which is great against Bob as stacks usually stay around 8-9 rather than blitz where I can near max it with one tesla gun clip and double capacity, which when he has armor I might aswell have just used the assault rifle.

Well the big thing is just the time.

The grenade lasts the longest, so it would make more sense to just be able to quick swap the dart gun and shotgun to keep those stacks up, and only using the nade when necessary.

Adding poll to the title. This may also attract more interest in case :wink:

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Perks: Damage, Swap, Damage
Rotation: Dart, double Left click, double Left click, dpouble Left click, Dart […] + the nade when he is close enough or you missed the dart.

These perks + rotation do make him to one of the strongest assaults in the game right now. Don’t know why his kit would need a change.

(and please tell me that you don’t use your mousewheel to select your weapons…) :smiley:

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Hotkey all day bruh

I use mousewheel xD
Sorry m8,
I was born and grown up with unreal tournament and hotkeys were too complicate xD

Set the controller bindings to the Soldier preset in the options menu.

Y for primary, B for secondary :wink: works like a charm.

Sincerely, someone who really enjoys playing R.Abe.

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I never thought of that I just get Y for weapons and it swaps between

I use a 360 controller because I have a potatoe quality keyboard and mouse.
If I used the k/m lag would be around 1-2 seconds… That’s how bad it is
Edit - post cut off
He is my favorite assault as he has great potential both in and out of dome.
Ever seen a full health Kraken take a full orbital, while evolving while rabe has his dart, nade and shotgun going? It was the most majestic sight I’ve had in evolve

I used to play with that setup, but before R.Abe came out, playing Val was HELL. I used to swap to the Sniper Rifle after using a Tranq when I actually wanted to heal my teammates, or vice versa.

Now it plays out much more smoothly c:

The Nerve Toxin Dart should be RAbe’s 2nd weapon after the Penitence itself. The grenades doesn’t do much, just use’em for nerfing monster damage, then dart, then shotgun. I’m a RAbe main, and my mostly-used combo is Dart-Shotgun(LClick)-Dart-Shotgun(RClick)-Grenade Repeat. So yeah. It could be changed.

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