*POLL* Strongest Tier Comp*



From tier’s 1-5, in your opinion which would be the most formidable comp when played well?

  • Val/Hank/Maggie/Markov
  • Lazarus/Bucket/Griffin/Hyde
  • Caira/Cabot/Abe/Parnell
  • Slim/Sunny/Crow/Torvald
  • Emet/Kala/Jack/Lennox

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Haha poor tier 1.



Griffin is tier 1 (debatable)… Just saying…



Voted for the comp with slim/sunny, because slim/sunny.


Played right- I think Laz/bucket/griff/hyde is actually stronger “overall”.

Torvald is the wild card in the slim/sunny comp IMO. Hell make the comp stronger against some monsters in some situations, but weaker against some monsters in some situations.

Legacy vs Stage 2 is also a consideration. Bucket was IMO one of the worst supports overall in legacy. It was his mech-recharge in stage 2 that made him work so well. Especially with laz. With Lazs huge bursts, mech-recharge with laz basically allowed the two of them to coordinate, and could easily “reset” a fight. If ANYONE was low? heres a shield buff, couple of the strongest heal bursts in the game. And oh look- Everyone is at full hp. Now have another shield buff.


I’m surprised Tier 1 didn’t get more votes. A well co-ordinated Val/Hank beam team can be nasty. Especially with Maggie’s harpoons. Sure the actual dmg output might be slower, but talk about a total annoyance for the monster.


Going off topic for this post, but the most memorable beating in Stage 2 I took against my Goliath was vs Slim/Bucket/Jack/Parnell. It was a group of Russians and they played it so perfectly. On par with the burst and the mech…I didn’t stand a chance. I could never down past both shield bursts with Jack and Parnell just blew me away.


Val (my bae), Hank, and Maggie are a seriously effective hunting combo. Markov can use his mines to further make traversing the terrain difficult for the monster that is swiping at the hunter covered in green and blue beams.

All while the poor monster is tranqed.


Bucket and slim is also super potent. Toss on the auto-heal, activate mecha, and hot damn. Heal bursts for days. Jack is especially brutal against goliath because he blocks leap, charge, and his traversals with ease-

And parnell, IMO, was the most “meta” dps in the game by far.


Laz/Bucket back during that singular patch when Bucket wasn’t worthless.

But now Slim/Sunny


Maggie is such a bad crutch in Legacy if you know how to screw with Daisy’s AI :smiley: MUahahahaha


But a good player won’t follow the Daisy anyway. :smiley: She’s just there to cheer on the hunters.


I know, but new players use her as a crutch when she isn’t that great. That being said, maggies harpoon traps alone are pretty ace imo :slight_smile:


I always preferred Griffin’s harpoon. Might perform worse in optimal conditions but when you play in pubs the harpoon gun >>>>>>>>>> traps


Too bad Griffin really needs a strong support. It sounds crazy for a lot of people but I enjoy him with Cabot. If the monster turns on you, run towards the assault and the monster gets baked.

Even if you get downed, it was usually a better trade-off for the damage you dealt.


True but I’d rather have the monster chasing me than have a weaker CC and the monster chase a bad medic/support.

Once had a monster defend me as Hank when my team bitched me out for dying lol. He had to hard focus me cause he couldn’t kill the medic while I was still up and the assault wasn’t doing his job.


You know you’re doing a good job when the monster just sees blood only for you. It’s a good feeling (as long as your jukes on point).


The monster stayed after the dome to down me and the assault still couldn’t break his armour =/


That assault should be fired.


Eh he was a pub playing parnell or torvald against a kraken. Not the best match up and he wasn’t that good it happens.

bit late but FTFY


Emet best monster.