Poll: Should The Trapper's Dome Be Affected By Skins


Currently the dome before being thrown is a basic green disc like object. It’s the only class ability with something you can physically hold and see. Should skins affect the way they look for all the hunters.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Who Cares

Inspired by @GabrielNGalaz


Yes. Domes should be affected. It’s just weird to have all these bright ass purple weapons and then pull out a matte green disc, like…Wut? Did they run out of paint or something?


I think who cares should be changed to, i don’t mind either.


'Ight… who voted Who cares? :laughing:


Lol I put it as a joke option but some people might not actually care so figured it was viable enough to consider.


Would be nice to see my diamond bedazzled dome disc before I threw it :wink:


Did devs ever say anything about changing the color of the domes themselves? I would buy a rainbow themed dome if I could :smile:


I think that would be pushing it a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


Changing the actual circular dome color would be awesome! It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just basic colors.

I’d be throwing out Red domes to signify the blood the monster will be losing xD


I’d totally be down for the dome itself to change color too. Maggie just got a purple skin, that would look cool.


they ran out of paint to pain the domes.


Yes, I asked for coloured/patterned domes since Feb. 21st.


See the problem is i almost put who cares because it’s funny…


Why not go further with it and have the dome itself be different colors based on the trappers skin, i would love to see a disco themed dome or a bright multicolored dome of some kind


YES!!! I’d like maybe the dome change some color corresponding with the skin pack!


As long as the forcefield doesnt change colour, that would mess me up I think


53 votes for yes :open_mouth: if it reaches 100 I might just tag a dev or something because then that’s a substantial amount of people who feel the same way.


It’s funny as that’s what I was originally thinking that’s what this thread was.

Personally I think it’ll be great if they did both like an Arctic skin makes the dome white or like a giant snow globe


Yeah I’d like to see the whole dome change color. devs can’t say itll mess up the visibility for the monster cause lets be real here, what else could a dome be confused for.
inbefore mammoth birds are evolving


Elite Dome confirmed.