POLL: Should It Display By Meters How Far Hunters Are When Sensing?

I know it’s intended that it doesn’t display meters of how far are Hunters when the Monster senses and it does display how far a Hunter is by meters when playing as a Hunter. Just wanted to know what everyone thinks because in my case when you have sensing range perks (especially because of Wraith Trap’s elite wildlife), you’ll just think that all Hunters are close to each other if they’re on the same direction you’re facing, so you won’t know whom is closer to you than the other.

  • Yes
  • No

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Something in a map like OP with all Yellow (Smell) would be grateful, it shows where they are but not how far away

OP is crap it doesn’t count.

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This seems like one of those things that would help new Monsters, without really affecting the high level, so it sounds good to me.

I would say yes,but allow it’s to be toggle as i can see someone will whine if this got applied

Eh un-necessary clutter if you ask me.

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And yet another stab to immersion.

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the last one was beeing unable to orbital inside caves right? :hank:


Hunters can see how far other hunters are because they’re hunters…you know gadgets right. Monsters are monsters. They do not have built in technological devices into their brains.
Monsters = senses.

Or we could give a alert icon (red,yellow,green) depend on the distant of hunter


This is a cool idea. Though as monster not an alert but the hunter’s outline should change colour

Even cooler

Wow your priorities.

Anyway, if hunters can have it, why not Monsters. Hunters have it to help them know if they’re in range of their abilities, and guess what, Monsters have abilities with a limited range too. So there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be there. Just implement it as an option so that if there are people who don’t want it they can turn it off. Boom, problem solved, everyone happy.

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If only when sniffing: yes
if its toggable: yes
if it helps news like me: yes

this is easy. instead of it displaying the distance, how about we just get someone to tell us how far the sniff goes without perks? @Insane_521 Got anything for us Cory?

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isn’t it 90-100 meters a the moment?

thats what i had thought, but id like conformation.

I think stage 2 patch notes might have it.


well, problem solved, we dont need in game numbers then

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He’s not the only one that holds that viewpoint.

No they don’t.

Yes there is.

I’m not.