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So I had fun hosting the recent Xbox One Scrim League Tournament, and wanted to host a new tournament the second weekend of August(8th and 9th) but I wasn’t sure if it should be on Xbox One or PC(steam). So why not let you guys decide?

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It would be a bit different than the last Scrim League Tournament, mostly some revisions to help the tournament flow faster.
Here is a link to the Scrim League Main Hub with info about the type of tournaments.
Link to Last Scrim League with similar rules to what would be in this upcoming tournament.

P.S. A PS4 tournament is planned for after the PS4 ESL tournament ends.

Perhaps you should alternate? Last one was Xbox, so do PC, and then Xbox, PC, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

This game is so frustrating.

I played some last night, but it’s just more of the same. Completely one sided PUG matches. Either monster is good and stomps hunters, monster is clueless and dies in 90 seconds, or you have a 25 minute game of running simulator because of low level hunters who don’t do their class specific role in any way (zero heal medics, lost in the jungle trappers, shy assaults) and low level monsters that can’t evolve and end the game.

I’ve put my name up in these “looking for players” threads, as well as, the scrim league one (i think this is an awesome idea btw), but if you only have an hour or two to play in a night, you can’t commit to a team for a one day tournament. It’s too much in one night.

I don’t see a real solution to this, I just felt like venting here since I was thinking about the scrim tournament yesterday. Still hoping for the release of ranked mode.

I told you it doesn’t end anytime soon not quite sure if it ever will. I plan on doing one in possibly two weeks though.

@chrono there are other tournaments upcoming with open casting rights :wink: [PC]

Hear hear 10 char

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What do you mean by “open casting rights”? I’ve never heard the term before

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@chrono https://www.reddit.com/r/EvolveGame/comments/3c7d6s/announcement_survival_saturdays_open_global/

Check out the Indented section.

That is almost exactly like Scrim League, or atleast what I want it to be. I had no idea these were going on. I guess i should visit the reddit more. What was this about a website, because that is something I wanted to set up for Scrim League but didn’t have the resources to do.

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The website is still being worked on (I’m typing this while working on it)
This has been in development for almost 2.5 months, only got announced a few weeks ago.

trying to get word out :wink: if you’d like more details my contact information is in the post.

50/50! Are you serious! I came here for answers, not more uncertainty! :weary:

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