Poll : Rank Play - Blind Pick or Phased Pick?

  • Blind Pick
  • Phased Pick.

Pick phase 1: Hunter team
Hunter team picks Trapper character
Hunter team picks Medic character

Pick phase 2: Monster
Monster picks Kraken or whatever

Pick phase 3: Hunter
Hunter team picks Assault character
Hunter team picks Support character


hmmm poll is not working at this time.


hmmm poll is not working at this time.


I see no need for a pick phase. Could you explain why you think one is needed?

When it comes to a ban phase, I really don’t want that either, but actually think it will be necessary, because Hank and Caira is driving me nutts. They are not unbeatable, but they do pull the fun out of things as they take ages to wear down.
The hunters should be able to ban a monster aswell, inchase we get another Kraken incident in the future.

This is for a potentional ranked match making, right?


Ranked games = caira, hank, maggie… in 99% games

So I would vote first for assault and support, then monster and then medic and trapper.


I kinda don’t see a need for it with that particular order. Hank or Sunn are always great, against ever monster. With the exception of Kraken/Parnell, Assault is rather independent as well and aside from Markov vs. Kraken, all Assaults are still usefull. So this would ONLY really give an advantage to the monster. And aside from Kraken, yeah, Monsters need that as of now, but I’d rather they adjust the gameplay properly than add in artifical “balance”.


Why not just let hunters choose whichever 2, then monster’s turn, then another 2.


just esl rules


Why the staggered hunter selection exactly? Not sure how that will fix the Hank/Caira/Maggie/Torvald I see all the time now.


The fact they take ages to kill is a playstyle, not an OP kind of thing, if you take bucket and lazarus you will see your health dipping quite fast as monster.


You don’t know the pain.

Hank and Caira pull all strategy out of the windowm the fun goes out with it. You have to kill Hank first, unless they mess up somewhere. You have played against me while you were on the Hank and Caira team, you should know first hand the difference in time it take to hand you your bum.


…Are you still salty from that game… ?


You perma rustled me.

Also, I still beat you with a clutch Rock Throw.


No you did not, i recall that game, don’t lie on me :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m talking about the medbay match. The Dam match does not count really, because you murdered all the wildlife so I couldn’t get any armor back between engagements.


That wasn’t me that was pocket being like, DO NOT LET HIM EAT DANGIT.


Phased pick would be so… different… I’m not sure…