Poll: Raid Boss or the Raid! 25 v 1

  • I’d be the 25 Raiders
  • I’d rather be the 1 Raid Boss

With the inspiration of Evolve behind me, I was thinking that it would be pretty darn fun to control something EVEN BIGGER!

Remembering my old World of Warcraft days, here’s a poll for you guys!

Would you rather be guarding the loot or have a chance at getting some loot with 24 other people?

25 v 1: To Loot or Not to Loot!

Feel free to provide any explanation or anything on your mind below!


25 v 1, so many raiders to smash!


well, in order to do something like that they’d have to make the map a lot bigger you would think, but it sounds like a cool idea. i can see the monster going out eating monsters the size of Goliath or the kraken, but i don’t think i can really imagine something like that right now, but maybe later in the future? possibly in a second game?


Ohh noooo but i :heart: Goliath!

Guess I’ll just have to eat seafood. :laughing:


haha XD right there with you i love goliath, right now hes my fave monster :stuck_out_tongue:


Kraken? :wink:


Kraken looks good


ok now im hungry lol


You’re going to have to work for it!


haha the hunters are like the wrestlers the calamari is like the kraken :stuck_out_tongue:


:smiley: I like that better than what the real movie is.

From Wikipedia: The plot revolves around a professional wrestler who, after developing a terminal illness, becomes a giant squid-like creature (Osamu Nishimura). As a giant squid, he must battle to reclaim his former life both inside and outside the ring. Released in 2004.


ok i never seen the movie but it sounds funny to be honest


The blurb on the box says that The New York Times called it a “A cross between ‘The Muppets’ and ‘Godzilla’”.

Well I have to see it now.


lol that sounds hilarious


I dunno I’m pretty horrified thinking about the baby of these two


hahahaha lmfao


I’m pretty sure classic Godzilla is a Muppet




I think this says it all.


Leading 24 other people is usually akin to herding cats. I would prefer solo outside of a really good cohesive group.