Poll: Quick shot Evolve rules


How much time on average does it take to evolve to Stage 2

  • 1 min
  • 2 min
  • 3 min
  • 6 min
  • 15 min +

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Do you like quick shots rules

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you think 10 min match time is enough

  • Yes
  • No , 15 min would be enough
  • No, 20 min is enough
  • No , 30 min is enough

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Do you like 1 min Drop ship timer

  • Yes
  • No , 1:15 is good
  • No , 1:30 would have been good
  • No , 2:00 is good

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Do you think quick shot is the best Tournament the evolve community has ever had

  • Yes absolutely
  • was one of the best
  • No
  • No , it was the worst

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Do you think the game is more enjoyable and more intense if these rules has been applied

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t know

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Do you think 20+ min match is boring in general for pubs hunters players

Poll name=2252]

  • Yes
  • No

Do you think 20+ min is boring for ranked matches

  • Yes , turned me off the game
  • Yes
  • No

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If the monster got a higher percentage of evolve meter once he puts a strike … Are you OK with applying those rules into Hunt 2.0

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  • Yes
  • No

Thank you for voting … We appreciate it

Can you @Buckets_Sentry_Gun close the thread

thank you :slightly_smiling:


the rules were perfect


As much as the quickshot rules are fun and neat. it shouldn’t be the only tournament style


Really love to watch and play the rules.


This. Different rules for different things :slight_smile:


As great as the rules are, I don’t want it to be applied for Hunt ranked mode. I enjoy it as it is, with no rush tracking and listening to my environment. The rules just rush the game Imo.


Just to respond to this poll, this poll is not ran/affiliated with the QS administration team.
That being said, always interested in feedback.

Its only once a month, leaving lots of room for other tournaments, with different rules… :wink:


I don’t know exactly what the purpose of this thread is… but I actually wouldn’t change any of the rules, and I wouldn’t presume that this is something everyone should have to play. Quickshot is great, IMO, for the spectacle of the game for people watching… but I will never be happy with the Quickshot rules taking precedence in some ways over what Hunt is which allows for a much more diverse play style.

And no, I wouldn’t change things like the dropship timer, I think that Monsters didn’t have a lot of time to practice this rule set and need some time before the next tournament to work out the best strategy for building up strikes. I know there was chat about adding time to the dropship but I wouldn’t do that until it became evident that even aggressively played and accurate monsters can’t… with all the bans they have too… get the job done over the course of the match.


hey seedsy, mind trying to edit this wiki post for me to see if it works for you?


I think all of these rules should be applied with some changes

Who is ever made or sponser this tournament is a genius

The game look very intense you know … Timing is important … Hunters have a chance and hope in a drop ship

The game looks different . More enjoyable

20 min is just taking away that moment you know … This is how I feel


It’s super fun! I really like how much more intense and urgent it makes the game for both sides. I haven’t been able to practice it against really good players but I definitely really like it :smiley_cat:


Yes I feel you man … Let’s wait and see how it goes in the next patches … Who knows … it might come



What might come?


Maybe some changes to rules … who knows


Ok, i might be a noob atm… Because i have no idea, what you want me to do…




i made that comment into a wiki comment. i was wondering if “caster” had the ability to modify a wiki comment.

A wiki comment is a comment that allows people other than the original to edit it. this is restricted to “regulars” and higher, but i didnt know where caster lied in there


I can just see that its a wiki post. Its Green, i dont see an edit button.
Hope that answers your question


ah. okay. it does.


Hunters seem to think its fine and Monsters don’t think its fine. Since Hunters out number Monsters 4:1 it doesn’t surprise me that a slight majority think the rules are fine. Nearly every monster on PC felt the rules were Hunter favored. 2 small adjustments are needed IMO:

-12 Min match if 12 mins is even an option. Many matches were at the 2 min warning when the monster reached S3. It only gives the monster enough time for 2 maybe 3 fights. As I recall in the tourney there were no wins by destroying the relay and there were wins because the monster ran out of time. If 12 mins isn’t an option then the next one up is 15.

-1:15 drop ship timer. Going from a 2 Min timer to 1 Min timer is a rather huge change.

The only change that favors the monster is more wild life which doesn’t really come into play until the Monster is S2 or has been S1 for a prolonged time. Most feeding routes with medium wild life are still almost the same with high wild life. Reaching S2 is only slightly faster.