Poll Question


I’m trying to make a post with several polls. The polls work fine, but it won’t let me create the topic without naming each poll. I checked the forum help thread but there’s no mention of how to name a poll.



[poll name=medic]
* Val
* Laz
* Caira
* Slim


  • Val
  • Laz
  • Caira
  • Slim

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Is this compatible with [poll type=multiple]?


Hmmm, it doesn’t seem to be.


Never mind, even though it didn’t cause a change it counted enough for it to let me post the polls. You can close this thread now, though if I may I would suggest adding this info to the forum guide.


Hey you got it to work, when I tried to add a space it broke the poll. :slight_smile:



I’ve updated it. :thumbsup: