Poll: Prestige in Evolve


Prestige : you play until you reach the highest level 40 and then do it again

Do you like to have prestige in Evolve ??

  • Yes , will give a higher motivation to play it
  • Yes
  • No
  • Wouldn’t be necessary

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Do you think Evolve has the highest repeatablility game since the next gen console been released ?

Like you can play as much often and you still have lots of fun - more dedication

  • Yes definitely the highest
  • Yes, one of the best reapetability
  • No

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Do you think 40 level cap is a reasonable target and is enough to finish the game ?

  • Yes
  • No, I wish it was 60
  • No, I wish it was 80
  • No , I wish it was 100 +

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As gamer do you think the player base is affected by level cap ?? Like higher levels cap will insure higher player base

  • Yes, definitely
  • Yes, to some degree
  • No, it has no effect

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In the past … did you stop playing a multi-player game because you have reached the highest level in the game ??

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  • Yes, multiple games
  • Yes, more than once
  • Yes
  • No, it wasn’t the only reason
  • No, it has no effect

If there is a prestige … what would you like to have as reward for each prestige ??

  • Exclusive skin for Monster
  • Exclusive skin for Hunter
  • Arctic skins from Hunter quest to Evolve
  • Exclusive Badge
  • All above
  • None

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How many prestige do you want to see in Evolve ??

  • 15
  • 10
  • 8
  • 5
  • 3
  • None

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To be honest, one of the things I really love about R6:Siege so far is that there isn’t a level cap, or it’s so high that people haven’t reached it yet.

I don’t need new perks or badges to go along with leveling in the game, although they would be nice. I simply would like to keep leveling up with the hundreds of hours I’ve put into the game since I was level 40 about 1 week after the game’s launch.

Oh, and I’m not talking about “prestiging” since I don’t think that part is necessary, just the leveling.


Like skillz, I’d rather have a near infinite level cap. This isn’t CoD. We don’t need a prestige system as it’d be unnecessary.


This belongs in the Suggestion catergory. Boom. Don’t change it again.


This is a suggestion so it should be in said category.


I think it would be cool if a “Amount of Time Played” could be displayed for each individual player instead of level or something. I really love RB6 for infinite levels.


As others have said, infinite levels would be better than the prestige system. You can restart and repeatedly grind out every level until 40 in a day or two just to get the rewards, but getting to be level 400 would take a damn long time playing.


R6S has no reason to make me dedicated to it

No lvls …just play and get points to unlock weapons

I don’t like that there no lvls

I need a reason beside joyment to achieve … I need a risk and reward based on my performance or team performance


I’d like this, it’d give level 40 players something to do again.

I’ve been at level 40 basically since release and only being able to elite hunters/monsters now gets pretty repetitive and therefore boring, even more so if you have already elited everything.

Even if they just increased the level cap instead, they could potentially add more abilities to hunters and monsters by reaching certain levels.
i.e. extra deployable(s) for hunters (such as Sentry’s for Bucket)


I’d rather just have levels removed, both player level and character mastery.

That said, provided level/mastery rewards provide nothing other than cosmetics at best, I don’t really care how many there are, but for me the game was at its best once I finally got all the perks unlocked and elited the characters I played. In fact, NOT having a character elite and having to level up again generally made me avoid playing them rather than acting as an incentive, because I knew I wasn’t working at full capacity. Just let me play the game, and leave progression to the RPGs.


Problem with R6S though after you get past lv20 there’s really no point whatsoever ranking up,i mean there’s nothing to unlock!

I’d love a prestige system on Evolve so you’d know who the players you was with their experience level and just so it’s something to play for on top of the great game already.


Except for ranked.


Why is this still in general? Please keep it in suggestions. You are asking if people would like to see this. That is a suggestion.


Personally, I don’t need to keep unlocking things. I like to keep leveling up in casual play, and then there’s Ranked for those who prefer that mode. Kinda like Evolve! Huehue

Question to everyone, if you like the idea of the Prestige system being in Evolved, why do you like the idea? What will it improve upon? Do you like the idea better than just infinite leveling? Why? What would a Prestige system do better than just being able to level constantly?

I’m curious. Especially since when you play Hunt 2.0 everyone gets the same Perk and Mastery for their characters to make it more balanced.


It’s fine in general as he is gaging interest not offering a suggestion. Yet.


I don’t like the idea of prestige because it resets most if your progress. However, I would love more levels provided there were badges, skins or something to unlock. Otherwise, what’s the point?

I was super into this game while I was levelling, eliting characters and earning trophies. Ever since I finished that stuff which was a long time ago, I only pop on for community challenges and new content.

I’ve always wished there was more stuff to unlock or earn.


well, problem is that is not war or Call of duty in any way. I have to say no,


are all of the edits changing the category lol

It should be in suggestions btw,