Poll: (Pre) Battle of the Beards!


So yeah I’m going to create a thread of the top three Best Beards involving in Evolve. Not really sure which beards to choose so the three best will go up on another thread to be voted on.

Mods if you can please edit my writing to create a new poll for each new beard.


  1. Any beard or any type of beard-like facial hair. (Laz is accepted)
  2. Can be someone from the forums if you like.
  3. Got this idea from watching a evolve stream
  4. This is for fun and why the heck not.

The contestants (so far)


I think there are a few issues with creating polls at the moment, hopefully it will be sorted soon. :smile:


Hyde because shut up Hyde is love
How can you NOT adore him (and his beard).


I nominate @DB_Sinclair and his stage 3 beard.


Don’t forget the completionist


Hyde has a pretty awesome beard, but I think I’ll nominate @SlabOMeat and his godly beard. I can only hope to grow a beard like his. :grinning:


Nuff said


Thank you based Quirkly


Hank, of course. That beard is worthy of a Dwarf.


Please someone make this thread into a poll please


RIP - confirmed Stage 1 now.


Wasn’t it just Stage 2 last time you were on the stream? D:

Also I nominate Gobi, the studio’s pet bearded dragon.


Noooo :cry:


My vote is Jparty


Voting 4 Laz


Kraken all the way. They were clearly going for the bearded wizard with those tentacles, and they did a damn fine job.


Hmmm more like stage one and some meats.


You forgot Bucket, Daisy, and Val.


Val. Nuff said.


I nominate myself :stuck_out_tongue: