POLL: Pick Your Role!


I just wanted to take a small survey on what role you players enjoy the most. Which one do you play most often ON PURPOSE?

  • Trapper
  • Assault
  • Medic
  • Support
  • Monster


I don’t care tbh. I’m good at everything.


Poll needs an all of the above option


Tried to edit the poll out, but the option vanishes after saving.


You tried to add an option or close the poll? Because I can close it for you if you want.


Tried to add an option.


Oh, okay. Can’t help you there.


I will say this though playin medic is a lot of pressure imo.


No one is choosing Assault! Why?!


Medic for me. Love it.


I play Monster>Support>Medic>Assault>Trapper.

Currently only have Cabot at Elite status, but Goliath is almost there, if the matchmaking system actually gave me monster half the time xD


Good games will have the monster focusing the medic down a lot. I really hate playing medic due to the pressure of ally hate and straight focus.


I prefer medic but since I play co-op it is pointless since you get focused non-stop by the monster. He will go after you until the medic is dead or he is dead.

Kind of takes the fun out of it.


Make another entry that I would pick: “NOT Monster”


Hank is your friend!


Yeah whenever we lose and I’m medic I feel like it’s mostly my fault


Good post :grin:


Well in co-op now you can’t really play any other medic other than Laz or you will not last more than 20 seconds once you engage the monster.

No matter how good your team is your going to die quickly because the monster only focuses you.

I hope they fix this in the patch.


No assaults? Why?


I noticed this too…it’s second on my preferred players with trapper being 1st.