[POLL] Option for legacy play in custom games


Sorry if there’s another thread on this, I couldn’t find one though.

I think this might be a tall order since there are likely lots of assets removed from stage 2 that were present in legacy… but I still think it would be a good idea.

Ability to play legacy in hunt or custom:

  • Good idea
  • Bad idea

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the question is just… is it possible? i doubt that


Of course, there have been far greater challenges in game development

I don’t know if it’s easy though.


i just remember mcman saying they cannot change hunter abilities for different modes. but it was long ago.


You’d need to have the entirety of Legacy and Stage 2 downloaded to do this. This is a F2P title now so that space will drive off future players and is backtracking what TRS tried to do with removing all these assets.

No; it’s not possible. Even if it were, it’d be bad.


you mean like match replays?