Poll : One else would like a Canadian hunter eh?

  • Yes
  • No

I wonder what cool tropes they could make such a charecter with? :ok_hand:


Why ever not? :slight_smile:


But isn’t three space-american hunters enough? :wink:


I really want to fix the title, but I don’t know if that would mess with the poll :expressionless:

But as for the point, I think that they could add some other more varied races in first, but I’m not fussed in the slightest


I would really love an Eastern Asian or South Asian middle age woman.


Nothing like a pissed off asian woman with a gun. Hell, even give her a sword and watch the monster run in terror.


Only if he says “sorry” every time he shoots the monster.


That would make him annoyingly nice eh?


Kill the monster with kindness.


As a fully fledged Canadian, I can assure you we do not say “Eh” as often as you think we do.
We do not live in igloos. (Most of us, anyways)
And I find maple syrup disgusting.
Oh, and only about a 16th of us say “aboot”


We also say sorry only as much as anyone else would!
There, I think I got 'em all…


Canadians are too friendly to hunt monsters. Lol


You realize Canadians are so notoriously nice that German prisoners of world war 2 didn’t wanna go back because they were treated so nicely


What maple syrup related trauma did you suffer to make you hate that nectar of the gods.


So he/she would be a support and skills would be

Maple Syrup infuses hunters with sugary goodness increasing movement speed
Sorry! Generates an impenetrable shield of niceness protection from all attacks
Hes aboot there pings a random location on the map in the monsters general direction?


I’ve read and saw a lot of people who went to vistt/vacation/worked in Canada from Germany or anywhere else really , say that people there are very welcoming and cool people.

Canada is probably the only cold country I even dare to think of visiting.



I just don’t like the taste, is all.


Yeah, so? Your point?
Just because some of us were nice, doesn’t mean we all are.
That’s stereotypical.