Poll on WL Maggie from Monster's POV


I am asking this in the Monster forum because I want monster player’s opinions. I am willing to bet it is different then the opinions being shown in the Hunter forums.

  • Wasteland Maggie is OP
  • Wasteland Maggie is Balanced
  • Wasteland Maggie is UP

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Only op against wraith


OP against no monster. She’s balanced in my opinion. Less harpoons means less time to hold the monster in place which means less damage.


Except telementry does show she deals nearly assault level damage overall. Thus something is wrong.


Well the damage wouldn’t be so bad if she had to give something up to compensate. But as it stands her harpoons are more spammy than OG Maggie


Even if she does a bit more damage the rest of the team suffers because she can only have one harpoon. So less damage overall.


I don’t think suffers is the right word. She can be used almost like a second Griffin if Sunny is on the team. Well, at least she could pre-patch, I don’t know about now. The harpoon has something like half the reload time of OG, and twice the range. And it sets you on fire. If the Maggie is anywhere near decent, it’s not even close to an inconvenience,


I agree something needs reworked, but I also do more damage with OG Maggie, than telemetry shows for WM.

So Maggie needs nerfed in damage too?


Good players agree, Wasteland Maggie is OP.


Well, both of her abilities damage, of course she has high damage numbers. If you’re looking at the same chart, does Bucket also need a nerf? His damage apparently outclasses every other Support, despite people calling him trash.

The only reason this shows her having such high damage is because she has practically zero capacity for CC. The one harpoon is simpler to break than three, even if it does deploy faster. Lack of CC or utility balances out to having higher damage output.


She’s fine. Her damage is good but not overwhelming IMO.


The telemetry does it just show hunt? She just came out so ppl have been doing customs to elite her and what not so would the telemetry be accurate?


Bucket brings garbage tracking and damage, so he’s allowed to have high damage.

I honestly prefer Wasteland’s harpoon. It’s better than the other three combined. If you can utilize it right, she has great CC, on top of great damage.

I don’t think she’s uber broken or anything, just a little too strong. Some damage off her gun would be fine.


Well said. You get an oreo.


Here is level 40 hunt comparing casual to higher skilled players.


Idk man I play them both and always do more dmg with og maggie I mean daisy isn’t really reliable for dmg I get like 600 to maybe 2000 from her 2000 being rare and with the gun it’s usually 3-5k and with og I’m doing 4-7k and if assault is lacking g then more that that I think ppl are playing og mags and staying on traps to much cause if you fire a trap and still have the harpoon gun out while reloading your wasting time doing nothing


I guess it depends on who your fighting. I’m sure it don’t show much against krakens and wraiths. While behemoth as usual soaks it all up.


That’s true I play them both the same for the most part really dig wl mags tho I just don’t feel like she’s as op as ppl say all I hear about is how much dmg she does but I’ve been doing more with og mags I had a guy spam me with salty messages for like 20min after a game was pretty funny


The only thing I think needs to be tweaked is her harpoon. Her damage is fine, just not in combination with the insta-poon that snags you from across the dome


You can’t exactly add damage to every aspect of someone’s kit and expect it to do less damage.