Poll: New Support Competition Tie Breaker!

  • Bastion
  • Barry Oum

This is the tie breaker round! Vote for your favorite!


Bastion - @KingWut117

Barry Oum - @Seanical


Ayyy, I got picked :smile:
So the winner of this gets proposed to TRS right?



I will also request any winning authors to compose a short letter discussing their character more in depth, whether it be gameplay mechanics or more backstory/personality


FYI This thread will end sometime this Sunday (4/26/15)! At which point I will compose the letter to TRS!!


Sounds good. I would also like to hear from other people as to why one would be picked over the other.


Barry Oum FTW


Le gasp :scream:
The poll broke!
I believe the tallies were:

Bastion: 4
Barry: 11

Is this poll gonna be closed now, since votes can’t be tallied anymore?


So did you try thief ^.^


I actually just got an Alienware Alpha not too long ago, and am downloading all my steam games on it now. So i didn’t try it yet, but i hope to in the near future :grin:

Also going to be trying Depth. It basically looked like Evolve, if you replace hunters with divers, and replace monsters with sharks. Looking forward to it :grin:


Tell me how it works out ^.^


I usually have a good sense for games (sometimes I am lead astray, like when I got DARK (it was a horrible mistake getting that game)), so here’s hoping! I think my favorite part will be when I’m a shark right before I attack a diver, and I’m singing the song of my people:


So will this poll be closing as well as the other hunter polls?


um any room for more ideas in these polls?
cause i think that i have a gud idea that could also be voted on. Maybe there can be a poll between my idea and the winner of this one?

Just a suggestion, it doesnt have to happen but please tell me if you guys like or dont like this idea. I’ll post a link if you do


Also I vote Barry Oum


I really like the possible strategies and things that you could pull of with this guy to help ur teammates, he just all around seems like he fits the support class more

Sorry KingWut117, i think that Barry would be able to put out more consistent assistance to the team


Glad you like him :grin:
Unfortunately, I don’t think that more room is available. In fact, I think this poll is supposed to be closed :laughing:


ah, hah, well then I would still like you input on a hunter concept of mine, if you dont mind that is