Poll: New Monster Competition Tie Breaker!

  • Hydra
  • Arachne

This is the tiebreaker round between these two! They scored very close in the poll. Vote now!

:monster: :monster: :monster:



Closed Poll: New Monster Competition!

Hydra of course :wink: why would anyone choose different as everyone knows that Hydra’s are the greatest things in the world!


Definitely my personal favorite as well… I just wanna play this guy so bad!


Arachne, just because its not a 2 headed goliath and has a strategic advantage. I dont want to see another hard hitting fighting monster like behemoth and goliath or the flying brute kraken.


FYI This thread will end sometime this Sunday (4/26/15)! At which point I will compose the letter to TRS!


Especially hydras mixed with wolves “wink”


Arachne, the movement without climb feels interesting for me.


Yeah, I’m tired of monsters with 2 hands and legs.