Poll: New Alias for Sunny's Shield Drone

  • JParty
  • JP-RT*
  • Dee
  • Delight*
  • Bright
  • Sparky
  • Spark *
  • NaN
  • Bumble Bee
  • Blink
  • Blinker*
  • Cher

Continuing from Sunny's Shield Drone Needs a Nickname (NaN):

After 100+ Posts and their Likes, the top 10 names (* and a few variants of them) have been put into a poll to decide the community’s favorite new alias for the drone!


We need JParty, miss him so much :cry:


I think Dee would be perfect. But thats just me.


Awwww :frowning: no winksy?


I fudged on the poll a little bit. I forgot to add Cupcake and Fidget. Trying to get help from a moderator now. =/



Actually she says multiple names. She says 17, and something like 427. There are multiple drones with different numbers.


JP-RT hehe


I was watching a stream and noticed that there isn’t just one drone, there’s hundreds. I’ve heard her call them drone 424 and 507.


what happened to him? :cry:


He either quit or got fired, all i know is that the friday livestreams just arent the same without “Thats right JParty”


:frowning: he was a practically the life of those streams


Meks meh cri evritim




JP-RT needs to win
It’s clever while not flat out telling someone who it is.


Lmao well it has more votes than all the other ones combined, so i think it wins :stuck_out_tongue:


What does RT stand for xD ?


Its like taking J-Party and turning it into “Robot form”


Ohhh, clever.