POLL : My Next Evolve Artwork


Who do u want to see ? ^^

  • Lazarus
  • Bucket
  • Caira
  • Behemoth
  • Emet
  • Markov
  • finish Slim
  • finish Jack

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Bucket or Emet!


Wait a week and do Kala


awww i hv forgot Kala i cant edit the Poll


Bob, but only if you will make him look happy.
Bob wants to be happy.


I’d say Caira, Behemoth or wait for Kala’s release and then work on her nex.


im going to wait for kala and then i will see if i want to draw her or the winner of the Poll :stuck_out_tongue: how it looks like it will be Behemoth damn that will be hard O.O


Haha yeah no kidding. Just checked out the results and Behemoth is winning over the rest of the options. Your artworks are awesome by the way so I do look forward to it and no rush :slightly_smiling:


No worries.
Bob is sad.
If you draw Bob one of your french stones, Bob will be happy.
Bob is sure you will draw him marvelously.
I am sure you can do it.
For Bob.


Can you make the artworks digital? Would love to put some on my desktop if the quality, light and those stuff are awesome…


In my opinion, don’t start another until the ones you’ve already begun are complete.
I have about 14 projects right now because I got new ideas and was excited to move on before I finished the previous one.

Like right now I’m finishing up two new Evolve projects I started, and then I need to go back and complete my 3D Daisy at some point here. That’s not including all my own personal work, too. It adds up fast.


ok im doing Kala first because of the hype and she looks awesome then i will do the Winner ^^