Poll: MVP Wildlife, who's on top of the hierarchy?

  • Dune Beetle
  • Mammoth Bird
  • Megamouth
  • Reaver
  • Trapjaw
  • Tyrant
  • Crowbill Sloth
  • Armadon
  • Batray
  • Harpie
  • Venom Hound
  • Spotter
  • Marsh Strider
  • Obsidian Beetle
  • Desert Nomad
  • Steamadon
  • Blitz Leopard
  • Glaciapod
  • Cephalodon
  • Carrion Bird


Stawp voting mammoth birds, dune beetles EAT mammoth birds >-<


I’m gonna take ‘MVP’ as wildlife with the highest murder rate on innocent monsters and hunters that are just walking by.


Mammoth Bird!


Mammoth Bird is God tier, mammoth bird is all. Monsters? hunters? they are nothing before the mammoth bird.


Honestly, I believe it’s a tie for first.

Between the Crowbill Sloth and the Tyrant, they’re the worst!


Mammoth birds don’t chase you across the map ( hunter ), eat your food ( monster ), eat the hunters ( lazarus ), EAT THE GODDAMNED BUFFS WHEN I DO NOT WANT THEM TOO ( STAWP DUNE BEETLE PLZ )


What about nomads and their two hits to kill?


Mammoth bird is all @MultiDavid and @Azmi_Anuar


It’s based on my experience but… I’ve not gone down as much due to the bigger size wildlifes attacking me. They’re easy to spot and you’ll bypass them by reflex. On the other hand, mammoth birds are easy to miss…


Yes, but dune beetles chase you in such a way, when they hit you, you are like:

What hit me ?

looks back

Has this asshat been chasing us for the past 5 minutes across the whole map, JUST, to hit me ?


I have seen mammoth birds straight up murder dune beetles and tyrants 0.o, those were the moments I realized who the true lords of shear were.


Yeah i saw that, then one day i saw 2 dune beetles feasting on a huge pack of mammoth birds, i guess they wanted payback.


Might very well be a gangwar, js :grin:


That would be awfully interesting, 20 assbirds vs 5 Doom Beetles.


I would pay to see that! And on a semi related note, one of the future hunters needs to ride a mammoth bird!


MVP is very vague… I’m just going with the most valuable wildlife to a hunter/monster. Since I mostly play monster, I went with Ovsidian Beetle, because an Elite one will cause birds to never bother you again.

For hunters I’d probs say Megamouths. The perk from those is incredible.


Spotters by far. I don’t think many people know this, but I think Spotters will only do their screech if a monster walks by. So they’re actually a pretty reliable thing to go on. So many times I’d watch my team blindly run forward as I head towards the sound of a Spotters screech and dome the monster.


Is there any real contest?


Predators do that as well, fun fact, mammoth birds eat spotters >_<


A bull rider esq mammoth bird?