Poll: Melee Based Assault

  • Yes, it would work and I would love it!
  • It would be cool, but not feasible.
  • It might work, but it’s a gimmick.
  • It won’t work and it shouldn’t.

I want to know the community’s thoughts on an Assault with a melee weapon.


it would be another one of those high risk high reward but HEY its assault there supposed to be int he monsters face anyways thats why they have invulnerability shield so yes i think it would work and would be amazing :bucket_salute: you get one of these


To everyone who thinks it won’t work and shouldn’t, why? I think it would be both easy to make and insanely fun.


If there is a melee weapon, then why have it?
Hank has a freaking laser!
Also, 8/10 times to be close enough to hit the monster, you will be knockbacked. Also monster’s are constantly moving, so you would REQUIRE Sunny or just be really lucky to get a hit in.
Also to justify it, it would have to do close, if not more damage than the mini nuke launcher, and people already complain about that.


or it would apply slows or other debuff or even damage over time. lets say every slash does a form of bleeding damage because its a freaking sword. theres plenty of ways to overcome any limitation

edit: hell you can even give the guy a harpoon that instead of just slowing the monster also pulls you towards him at a rapid rate. the monster cant stop you by breaking the line before you hit or he can continue doing what he was doing. as it wont slow him cause its not THAT kind of harpoon


No one said it would be a sword :stuck_out_tongue:
But even then, you have to be close to the monster.
Making a good Kraken this guy’s worst nightmare (Wraith is anti Torvold :P)
Again, Sunny would be required.


if it was a hammer because you damage muscle it slows. theres a way around everything and with my harpoon/grapple hook idea kraken wouldnt be so challenging


But that’s the whole point - it would be very high risk for very high reward.

Also, the melee weapon would only be the primary - there would be a secondary and a third ability, which could help with knockback.

As to why use a melee weapon, because it’s original and this game needs original Hunter ideas to stay relevant and bring in new players.


biulding further onto that his secondary would be my little hook weapon. and then the third could be like bolas? help on CC of the monster


Yeah it would be way to difficult to stay close enough to keep attacking. Monsters have so many ways to knock hunters back, that and monster are faster then hunters. I mean people all ready say its to hard to stay close with Parnell, so a melee hunter would be even worse.


That sounds like the melee concept I suggested a bit ago. The tether reel in thing would be cool and would make for some interesting plays.

A melee hunter would need a reliable way to close the distance because 1) monsters are quick and 2) knock back. I also think that it would need to be fairly hard hitting to justify the risks and effort involved. Also could it please be something a BIT more imaginative then a sword?


But then you are now making a new trapper.
You made the opposite of Griffen, but with more cc.


an ASSAULT has no business putting crowd control on the monster, that’s why the idea I put forward about the “reverse harpoon” could be used.



Personally, I would go with a spear that creates Val style weakpoints, has high damage, and has a long switch time.

People seem to forget how close the other assaults have to get to max out their damage potential, barring Thorvald. It wouldn’t be that much harder to go within melee range.


It would NOT work if the melee was his primary form of damage. Monsters are too mobile, he would have to have a special passive of like +300% movement speed and jetpack recovery at all times to be able to keep up, which is ludicrous and would mean Monsters could never get away for evolves and such. Plus, what about Kraken? How is a melee primary going to deal with a flying monster?

It WOULD work if it was some kind of cooldown-based ability. Such as, hit 3 and the assault does a large boost/dash forward in a line with his Buster Sword out, doing large damage if he connects. This would work against all Monsters and would just require skillful aim and prediction to land, as well as working as a gap closer.


How do Hyde and Parnell deal with mobile monsters or Kraken then? They use their secondaries, or they save their jetpack for the perfect moment and melt faces, or they coordinate with the trapper for CC. A melee Assault is plenty feasible, it would just have a high skill floor.

Also, there are tons of good third abilities, like a Supersoldier buff for mobility and knockback or a short range teleport with a cool down.


I like the tether idea because it gives a strong way to get into melee range and do the damage, but is counter able by a monster. Will require some situational awareness from both parties. Also my idea for a chargeable melee attack that does the big damage but slows the hunter down would require use of jetpack and tether in combo to land, but will give a big payoff for skilful play.


Only way I see it working is if he has a 300 style evolve shield and a spear…
but that would look soo out of place


How about an assault with a nuke on a stick… Technically its a melee weapon… But if you hit the ground then it would blow you up instead (of course your immune to it, as is the team) it could even blow teammates away like hanks orbital to give it some movement utility.

Plus the tether and I sounds like a solid concept to me