Poll: Mega-monsters


It’s called Mega-monster mode, and it’s basically just like the basic game mode where four hunters hunt down one monster. Except this time it’s a true fight for survival… four monsters against one gigantic alpha monster.

The alpha monster will be playable, and it will have four abilities just like everyone else.

I was thinking 3 of his abilities would be just laying different types of monsters. So like one lays a kraken. One which has flying, and is very defensive in battle, at least attacks from afar and has a couple of abilities. Another lays a goliath-like one which has the more raging brute type archetype, and a couple of abilities. The last one lays a scout type which has cloak and such. T

They are all a bit weaker than tier one monsters, and laying them has a similar animation and required time as evolving, and you are weakened while doing so. You can have like 5 minions active at a time. They don’t leave a 15 meter radius of you, except the scout, who has no armor, and very low health.

Of course were gonna need bigger maps for all this.

I was thinking we could have more than one mega monster each with their own archetype. For the appearance I was thinking of a giant spider type thing, with two gigantic front legs to stab with.

I was also thinking of one move which was to lay the eggs out of which you can hatch a maximum of 4 little mini spiders with a strength just below a tier one Goliath. As well as a devour ability which allows you to eat your minions for armor (note, not overpowered… they only give you a minute amount of armor each). Then a pounce were “arachnid” pounces towards the target and latches on top of it and starts unleashing a flurry of slashes for as long as the hunters don’t scare him off (range attack). Finally a spider’s web which immobilizes a target enemy for a short period of time.

Then his melee attacks are very simple claw swipes; an overhead slash. The sneak attacks are getting on top of the enemy, holding him down, and biting him repeatedly causing a slow degeneration effect due to poison.

Finally Arachnid, like kraken, will have a stamina based ability where when you walk up to walls you’ll be able to latch on and climb on them at the same speed as he normally walks and you could even walk on ceilings, however after 10 seconds you’d start moving slower and finally after 15 seconds of climbing you’d drop back down.

so that’s my idea i hope you liked it.

  • i like this idea and would like to see it in Evolve
  • i dislike this idea and would hate to see it in Evolve
  • i am indifferent


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i guess it would be cool to see


Looks like majority doesn’t think its the best idea. At the moment.


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