POLL: Medic Pairing With Kala


Who do you guys think would be the best medic to pair with Kala? Feel free to elaborate.

  • Val
  • Rogue Val
  • Lazarus
  • Caira
  • Slim
  • Emet

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That teleporter would really help Emet with his respawn beacon! :bucket_cute:



I’ve said from the beginning who I think has the most synergy, and that’s Slim. He can pile in great damage while healing with the armour drain, and the spore cloud helps to mask teleporters and teleports within the dome, especially while cloaked.

But I think that there isn’t a bad medic pairing, and unlike other supports there’s a lot of diversity of strategy through different pairings, which is exciting.


I think someone that can slow down the monster so that the monster can be in the shield depleting beam.

Val with Tranqs.


I like Laz a lot. Makes it easier to keep him alive.


Interesting :smiley: I personally liked Rogue Val for her self-sustain. Didn’t think about Laz and the teleporters.
Slim seems great too.


I wouldn’t know, I have yet to play with her :’(


Not really sure Emet is the best pick, but it definitely would be the most fun one!


Slim IMO is the best medic with Kala along with EMET. been playing all night and these two seem to be the have the most success and gave me the most countering as a monster.


Slim or Lazarus. Slim for his sustained healing not needing shielding, and Lazarus for his playstyle revolving around aggressive teams.


Man I really don’t see anything beating the kala laz comp, I mean the teleported gives laz a huge jump on survivability on top of his cloak. Just from a speculation point of view I wanna say OP but I haven’t played much since I started downloading the patch before work this morning. Definitely gonna give all the feed back I can with all these comp possibilities heh


I was gonna say Laz/Slim/EMET, however Laz’s big possible changes in 9.0 may completely lose that synergy with Kala.


Played the laz and kala comp a few games and lost more than won… Against monsters with a brain they know to just not target laz and body camp trapper/assault to win. Save Lazarus and kala for last and its game over


I cringe a little when I see someone pick Kala after I pick Slim :frowning:

I Say Lazarus. :smiley:


I personally think that EMET would best pair with her. Think about it, when fighting with monsters, you want to keep your team alive and deal damage. When you drop the monsters armour and Kala, Emet can use his rockets to lay on the hurt. Ive been making connections with the different tiers, and find that when they are put with other hunters they can really give the monster a hard time. But who am I to say anything? I haven’t even had the chance to play as Kala yet. That will all change very soon…


Can you teleport dead bodies? I know that you can with incapped ones, but dead?

Cuz that’d be good with Laz.


As far as I know, nope :<