Poll: Matchmaking into other game modes?

Don’t see how, it’s unbalanced, and the same modes are picked every time. ^.^

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But…But…But…Evac! D:

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Never liked it. ^.^

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You two are so cute >.<


How would you know? ^.-
My friends went and showed you my picture, didn’t they? :wink:
Nah, jk. ^.^


I actually meant your relationship between each other but okay O.O

I know, I was just kidding around…


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I actually knew you were joking but okay O.O

I for one think it’s Evacuation that needs a rework, please address the issues it has, a lot of people refuse playing it because of autobalance, rescue and nest imbalances, etc

Evacuation is such a fun mode and it’s a pity something that has received so much work to develop ends up completely unpopulated.

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I actually agree with you. I don’t like it, because the auto balance is there.
I don’t like outside forces affecting gameplay.

The random awards for the winner is fun, I was fine with that. But awarding the losing team, each time they lost. Not something that interested me.

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@MacMan Thank you for listening to our feedback

TRS cares unlike other companies and I give you a lot of credits for it .

I wish there is a

1- Defend mode alone instead of playing 5 matches to get it (only reason for playing Evac is Defend)

2- Improved version of Defend like choosing 2 vs 8

3- More Maps

4- No join in progress match

The way I would set it up is that you choose this quick play button (or whatever you call it). You get matched together with 4 other people and choose your role and then you vote on 2 different mode (out of Rescue, Nest and Defend) and whatever mode wins isnt available in the next round and so on. That way people can sort of choose what they want to play instead of it being completely random. So its like Evac but you can choose to play Defend much earlier.

Or you make a button called “Other” or whatever and by pressing it you come to another set of menus where you can choose either all the different modes by themselves so there is a button for Rescue, one for Nest and one for Defend and you only play that (as with Hunt more or less) and at the end there can be a “Random”-button which is set up as described at the beginning of the post.

Thoose are my suggestions.

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So in my opinion this is something that has been wanted for some time so it’s exciting to talk about this properly!

I think there may be work needed to smooth out the evacuation modes but I would put them all in. I like the idea of nest, defend and rescue but have no interest in paying evacuation personally.

Edit : in consideration though it is likely the last balance changes have helped the evacuation modes tbh

I’d consider giving people the option to vote for the next mode, to help keep lobbies from constantly changing over or dying just because some people will never want to pay a particular mode at first.

Also it would be perfect if in a skirmish - quick play type mode that the ability to party up with the ability to choose roles including monster, was included. I think this would really satisfy the super casual crowd.

I really like the idea though. I’d love to be able to play some rescue or defend or arena in between hunts to break it up a little!


I only ask that if the other modes are put into Skirmish(Hunt 2.0) that Evacuation stays the same and is not related to the ranking system, like how it and Arena currently are. I like the ranking system, but since I don’t have a group that I can just custom whenever I want, I like knowing that I can join a group of randoms in both the old and new systems :smile:

Poll to make it more transparent , what Mode people want most

By far defend and nest but defend more

At the very least I would like to see a play only as Hunter/Monster option for Evacuate PvP.
Or for all game modes really.

I think on a competitive level Defend is really close to on par and a lot deeper than people give it credit for. However, Nest and Rescue are practically solved games and need something to stop the same picks and strategies from occuring every time. I’d definitely be interested in matchmaking for Defend. However, I do really worry about you splitting the playerbase; Evac stopped being playable for me the day you released Arena.

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It’d be interesting to get more votes on this :smiley:

And I’ve made some threads to ask about improvements…

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I personally kind of feel like Nest is the only other mode that really belongs in matchmaking just because it’s Hunt’s opposite. It’s a monster-favored mode where hunters are the ones on the timer, so I don’t think it would throw off the value of the ranking too much or make balance too difficult. Balance is my biggest reservation with adding any other modes to Skirmish; trying to competitively balance the game for Hunt AND Arena or Defend or anything else seems like it would need entirely separate scales for each mode. Of the disparate modes, Nest seems like the most closely balanced to Hunt.

Defend seems too dependent on minion AI, and Rescue seems too dependent on survivor AI, and I don’t find either of those modes particularly enjoyable largely because of that. Defend can be fun but seems ridiculously hunter-favored without some of the monster bonuses from Evac mode. Rescue I’m happy to pretty much never play (except as a way to farm mastery).

It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if the other modes were included, but I would definitely want a “vote to skip” option.