*POLL* Legacy Evolve Monster Perks *POLL*



Each and every perk can have it’s advantages and disadvantages in certain situations. There is no best perk choice but we all have our favorites or ones we choose more often then not. Vote for your favorite overall.

  • Climb Speed
  • Feeding Speed
  • Damage Bonus
  • Smell Range
  • Damage Reduction
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Movement Speed
  • Stamina Increase
  • Armor Regeneration

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I really like climb speed because im a Bob main and using the climb speed I can surprise my prey by scaling my rock wall real quick, toss a fireball at top and fall as I fall I hit the hunters to where I shot the fireball for a nice burst damage effect.
(bob shoots from top but the animation completes at the bottom of the fall. it confuses many hunters)

and then for wild buff I am going to look for cooldown to turn the advantage in my favor then on the end circuit I look for speed. If I am having ISSUES with the hunters, I like to lure them to a side of the map away from the reactor when I am ready to evolve.

I will take out at least one or two hunters and make them save each other…
I haul butt to the gen, evolve and start to sMASH it until its 1 hit away.

Then I wait for the hunters to show up and we have one final battle … If I am still struggling, I will hit the gen and end the match… (I also do that when the final hunter just wants to play ring around the rosie)

keep in mind I won most my matches without gen. destruction, but as a good monster player I keep my options and paths open for victory.


More votes 10 is just not enough.


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Loving it!! Thank you :heart_eyes:


CDR… always CDR… unless you’re running tongue wall Bobby… then Climb speed


Honestly surprised by the results. Really…who doesn’t love polls :sunglasses:


Of course theres always exceptions and what not-

But generally speaking?

Cooldown reduction.

Evolve at the end of the day boils down to a damage race. The side that does the most damage, wins. Damage increase can definitely be a boon when that little extra “burst” of damage makes the difference between a down, and a saved hunter- But overall? Cooldown reduction increases your overall damage throughout the course of the game to a larger degree.

Theres also contextual advantages worth considering. More abilities versus harder hitting abilities for example means not only more damage “overall”, it means youre forcing hunters to use things like jetpacks more often to dodge abilities. Single abilities with cooldowns? Assault shields and the likes? Theyre going to be taxed more frequently. Etc.


I never considered that and that’s a perfectly valid point imo.

Personally, I use raw damage because lower fight times. The extra burst helps a lot dealing with experienced teams, especially if some members are reckless.


I usually take perks depending of the wildlife perks on the map, but I like to take the speed perk. It allows me to better chase fleeing hunters, to better flee as well (when I become the coward) and to obviously move faster from a point A to a point B (like from the border of the map to the relay). It’s not really an offensive or a defensive perk, but it has offensive and defensive ways to use it (like I mentioned above). However, it doesn’t give any huge advantage in combat, but I liked the Stage 2 movement speed perks, it used to give around 50% of movement speed.


MaddCow, what is Best in Evolve?

To eat your prey, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their hunters when you evolve within 1 minute! (Eating to give them a sense of despair)


I have trollishly picked climbing speed a few times, to… Interesting results. Watching behemoth crawl up the wall super fast freaks out hunters.

Sort of helps with some hunter jukes buts still not good lol

Usually pick between feeding speed, movement speed or cool down depending on my mood. All are fine perks.


Wasn’t a massive Monster player, but when I did play Monster it was usually a Goliath variant.

I’d pick CDR for Meaty and Feed Speed or Stamina increase for Vanilla.


I really like the Stamina perk. Its great on Goliath to get those consistently long leaps + potential traversal you gain when hunters shoot you on the chase. Stasis I find hampers move speed to much so I stick with traversal (most of the time).
Not to mention it also helps you get away from those pesky assaults :sunglasses:


By the way you all remember I started the Map Wars poll awhile back. Well the results are in and I’ll be posting the quarterfinals poll on Friday November 30th so stay tuned!!