Poll: Laz Ideas


Which sounds like a better buff to Laz?

  • Faster revive time
  • No print cloak
  • Toggle-able Cloak
  • Faster recharging Health Burst
  • Stronger Health Burst
  • Larger Health Burst
  • Faster recharging Jetpack
  • None


Wheres the “None” option?
I think he’s perfect


Added it. 10 roses


Toggle-able Cloak, final answer.


What does that mean


Added it. 20 roses


His heal burst definitely needs an adjustment, but a critical improvement you haven’t mentioned is that he needs:
A way to keep domes up where now the trapper can be quickly incapacited every time


Well you need to come up with that idea. I came up with no print cloak, I’m just waiting for answers.


Would you consider adding a general ‘dome sustainability’ option?


Can you add that and a complete kit rework to my poll @SledgePainter. If not then I’ll just add it in the post.


I’d suggest re-making the poll and I can close this thread. It’s incredibly hard to tweak a poll already going and I’m shocked you were even able to add my suggestion without breaking said poll, lol.


It said I got the edit but nothing happened


Ok. You can lock it up


Can you close it. New thread is up


Heh, you tripped me up due to your changed badge, lol.
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