Poll: Laz Ideas (remake)


Since the first poll had to be closed because of option reasons, here is the updated poll.

  • Faster Revive Time
  • No print Cloak
  • Toggle-able Cloak
  • Faster recharging Health Burst
  • Stronger Health Burst
  • Larger Health Burst
  • Faster Recharging Jetpack
  • None
  • Better Dome sustainability
  • Faster Reloading Sniper
  • None
  • A complete kit rework

Poll: Laz Ideas

Wow you guys work fast


Laz is good as is ^.^


I don’t have many problems with him except that playing as him with a pug team means almost certain death


I could see laz get a small buff nothing big.



When playing as a monster the only hunter that makes me worry is Laz, so anymore buffs would be insane.


toggle all the way


Why, it’s pretty easy to beat him.


Laz is such a joke. A stronger heal burst would go a long way. A lot of medic survival is in that healburst and his is weaker then other medics. The freebie dome drops I don’t see an easy fix to.


That may be the case, but if I tend to focus on other hunters I tend to forget about Laz and say for instance I kill a hunter in the middle of battle, go on to the next, Laz will fly on over and revive him. In good hands Laz can be a problem (in my opinion of course).


well theres your problem. what you do is you down someone to draw laz out. then focus on him. hese the medic man come on thats monster 101


Where’s all of the above option


I usually get them all to really low health than deal the killing blow. He’s fast, but not that fast


effective strategy . . . very tiem consuming with assault though. then again i just make assault op his shield right off the bat then go deal with medic normally


I’m gonna make another poll for Bucket later on today


Bucket doesn’t need any buffs or nerfs. He’s fine.


But I’m bored


Don’t make topics that don’t need to be made cause you are bored.


Fine. I’ll leave him be.


Who voted for a complete kit rework