[POLL] Kraken Flight Change


So this is a suggestion a had a few days ago in a discussion about Kraken and how everyone seems to not like his flying since he can mitigate and do damage all at the same time.

##NOTICE: Poll in second post to allow for editing of OP.

My suggestion goes as follows:

  • Slight increase to maximum flight height

  • Increase effect slows have on Kraken’s flight

  • Decrease the regeneration time of Kraken’s traversal while airborne

  • Increase the regeneration time of Kraken’s traversal while grounded.

The basis of these changes is this; to make Kraken harder to pull down but easier to keep down. These changes will make slows affect him greatly so instead of using them for dodging and maneuvering around a battlefield and being generally very hard to hit, he’ll be more focused on staying airborne.
Now why wouldn’t he just ground himself and then move back into the air somewhere else? Good question, this is because his traversals will regenerate much slower when he is grounded rather than airborne so if he grounds himself then you can keep him there for quite some time unless he makes every attempt to be airborne again.
This change will also affect how Kraken’s use abilities and how they are damaged. With an increased height cap this means that trappers will be primarily focused on pulling the Kraken down and everyone else (minus medics who will heal) can focus on damage. Krakens will also use Aftershock as more of an escape tool to force Hunters away from him and take to the sky rather than dive-bombing to do damage, a Kraken who dive bombs will effectively become a suicide bomber.
The increased height cap is to help make up for the lost ability to mitigate. Being further up will prevent some damage from an Assault’s most damaging weapon.

###TL;DR Buff Kraken’s flight and regen when airborne but nerf his ability to become airborne and increase the impact slows have on him. This will change how Krakens use their traversals and abilities as a whole but allowing for more damage to be done when they make mistakes.

  • Yes, I think this change would be great.
  • I don’t feel like this is the right change.
  • No, I am strongly against this.

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It sounds good, but I’m not sure if this is the way of doing it. Then again, I can’t come up with anything better, so yeah :stuck_out_tongue:


Totally against it

Reasons :

For Hunters

1- on low levels . If the trapper didn’t do his job .Kraken will mitigate more damage than he is already has

2- Maggie harpoons has 17 range and she has a hard time pulling him down currently … Griffen suffers from the previous Nerf … he can’t pull kraken down currently unless he is very close


1- will be less viable

2- He will receive more health damage

3- Good hunters will not let him go up again

4- Vortex will be less viable because the kraken will be in a higher vertical heights which means hunters can avoid vortex more

5- Kraken after shock is useless against good team unless he dive it while he is in the air

6- lightening strike will be useless if he is in the ground

7- some combo will not work properly (vortex - lightening strike)

8- Kraken had a new hitbox that allow hunters to deal more dmg already

Kraken can be brought to the ground easily against crow or Abe … and this is his #1 weakness …

Kraken is the least monster affected by CC overall

Would like to see Maggie harpoons to be more effective against kraken only

… As #12 kraken
Kraken is OP . …no question about it but I don’t think this is the best way to deal with him - I think this change will make him more viable (pub stomping) and will hurt him on high levels

What is wrong with kraken???

The combo
Hardest attacks to be dodged
Level of control over hunters
Damage mitigation because he is in the Air
Abilities has a Huge raduis
Do I take the banshee - or do I take the lightening or vortex (Hunter question)
The fact that kraken can wibe the whole team without suffering from a major health loss
Can’t be juked … if he wants you dead … you will be dead
ESL… TGL . The only banned monster … other tournaments as well
The most fearful monster for Hunters
Any one can win in Ranked with him (silver master +)
Look at win/lose rate for kraken players and compare it with the rest monsters

@insane_521@macman @LordDeath @GentlemanSquirl

  • Banshee mines (Nerf)

  • And his cooldown on his abilities (tiny Nerf)

  • Make the hit box on Lightening strike the same as the radius

  • Making a delay between his attacks to give the hunters the ability to recover

  • Kraken should not go on the ground very fast by pressing (B) or (circle) to reduce melee + pounce occasions … will reduce the damage per seconds also

If that’s fixed … I am sure he will be balanced and more fun to play against or with

plz do us a favor

Can you show the win / lose of kraken (silver master and above ) and compare it with other monster ???

Can you show how much time does kraken take on average to win the match ?? And compare it with other monster

Can you show the possibility of dodged attacks against kraken and compare it with other monster ??

Can you show how much time does he need to take 1 hunter down ??

Can you show the win/lose rate for krakens that uses the pounce to do free damage ??

Can you show the hunters damage to the kraken and other monsters ??

Can you show us about win/ lose rate for gold monster as kraken and compare it with other monsters ???

Can you show us how many health bars kraken have lost on High rank levels on average when he won and compare it with other monsters ??

If 1 hunter have gone down … what are the chances that kraken wins a match Compared with other monsters on High level ???

To prove that if he is balanced or not !!! I’ve put 2240 HR equivalent to 93 days (prob the highest) in this game … Kraken as my main monster character !! In Evolve

I am hoping you guys will make him balanced on higher levels …& thank you for your time and efforts


While this would be fine at high levels, it would make playing Kraken harder, and I’m not sure that’s what TRS wants.


Surely this would just mean it would be much more difficult to force Kraken to land?
Not to mention that it will never have to land during combat.

Say it was in the air for quite a while, when it finally gets grounded it will have at least one more traversal ready to get it airborne again due to it regenerating traversals faster.


Slows would affect him more but his higher altitude would allow him to stay higher requiring more effort to pull him down. The whole idea is that he won’t willingly land, without landing he can’t effectively use aftershock or corner Hunters effectively, once he does land (whether by choice or force) he will have a hard time regaining height and will be soaking damage.

That’s why I proposed that CC effects affect him even more than now that way if he is harpooned or stasis’d then one wouldn’t be enough.

I mainly look at balance from a high-level/competitive stand-point as I hate casual play (despite playing exclusively casual).

However you bring a good argument over the fact that they don’t want him to be harder to play.

So far the poll is rather mixed with most feeling like this just isn’t the action to be taking.


People can simply use different travesal perk and negate 30% of that. Not bad changes, I actually happen to like them, but I dont know if this is very impactful to his performance. Nevertheless, I voted yes.


Decreasing regen whilst increasing the effects of slows will just make him worse on the chase. Tranqs and Crow’s stasis slowing him in the air, allowing MS hunters to keep up even better? He’s in LoS longer on the chase, so he naturally gets CC’d more than other monsters. It’s easier to cut him too. (Also, x2 Griffin can pull a Kraken down quite fast, but if he’s too high, the harpoon wouldn’t work. Same with Maggie and WLM).

Slightly increasing the ceiling would be welcome, but I think overall this would be a big nerf. Increasing regen on the ground, when Kraken shouldn’t be going on the ground as often, because he’s slower when just running (basically a Goliath that has burnt all his traversals. Painfully slow and vulnerable). I’d prefer if there were no unnecessary tinkerings with monsters. As a Trapper main, I have no issues keeping up with Krakens. In dome, so long as I do my job right, I can limit his movement using dome placement. If not, the team will need to co-ordinate a bit more to limit mitigation as much as possible. If there’s no damage, we’ll just need to make the next dome much better.


I cant stand kraken, hes no fun to fight against, and hes OP, not by a lot, but OP. although I dont think this is where he needs nerfed, he has a very easy time avoiding damage while dealing a lot, but you cant make him not fly or nerf that, so just make it so that he does LESS damage, Example: banshee mines decrease, aftershock decrease, MAYBE ligthning strike decrease. I personally, HATE his snowballs, they are THE MOST ANNOYING THING TO DEAL WITH. But idk if it would be a good idea to remove those sooooo… nerf his abilities SLIGHTLY, dont go overboard


so hes like twice as good as the rest of the monsters


I just miss the days when tranqs and stasis actually slowed move flight speed. You could choose between immobilizing him with harpoons or slow his flight speed.


Yeah I didn’t think I would miss the tranqs and stasis on flight speed as much as I do.


I think it will be better if they reworked its stamina bar into something like behemoth. Give kraken one stamina bar that depletes when it’s flying. Double tapping traversal button while in air still let’s him do an airburst, but depletes a chunk of stamina.

I think this will be good change because it will cause kraken to land more often to charge his stamina. This give hunters some opportunity to do some damage.

The theory I have about this is that it will make kraken players land more often because you would not want to completely drain all your stamina. And have to wait for that extra delay for it to charge, same has behemoths traversal stamina. So kraken players are going to land more often when there stamijna ois like at 50% to let there stamina charge up.

This will allow hunters to get some damage in. When he comes down to charge up its stamina.