Poll: Jedi or Sith?


Who do you align with?

  • Jedi
  • Sith
  • Both
  • Neither


I’m really starting to get excited for the new Star Wars film…is anyone else here a Star Wars fan? When playing Star Wars games, do you align with the Dark Side, Light Side, or somewhere in between?


I like the ideals of the dark side, though they should be applied for good, so i picked both.


Where is Nod’s Peace through Power option?


I suppose that would fall under “neither,” then, huh?


But neither encompasses a whole lot here :stuck_out_tongue:


I choose… Monster


KKND? Krush Kill ‘N’ Destroy? (Cool RTS game at the time)


Always loved Star Wars as I’m sure you can tell from my profile pic. Only faction I really cared for was the Republic. The CIS had some interesting units. As for the Empire and Rebel Alliance, the Empire felt like a shitty police force and the Rebels did not have the firepower to interest me. As for the Republic, I loved the look of the clones, I loved the ARC 170, the AT-TE, the V-19, the Venator class ships, and the SPHA-T. Gotta say though, I did not like the Clone Wars cartoon series. I liked the original that had like the 5 minute episodes, but the new one sucks. Edit: no offense @MaddCow :smile:


My older brother actually did the cgi lighting for the Clone Wars animated series. He just got done working on the new Exodus movie and is taking a holiday.

Edit: @Brandini I didn’t like the show either :stuck_out_tongue:


I really liked them until they called down an alien invasion.

Those silly bastards.


I loved the Republic Commando book series. Ever read those?


I don’t think they called them down on purpose. Granted, the story completely changed because of the 4th game. (Assholes at EA) What a cliffhanger though. An Alien species that recognized Kane from somewhere/something and then they just kind of dropped it. >.< Stupid C&C 4. I refuse to acknowledge that game and believe that the series either ended with 3, or some fan made game will finish it :slight_smile: Who knows, maybe the actor will kickstart his own development team :slight_smile:


Sadly no, and I was always a Sony kid so I never got to play Republic Commando (which I was EXTREMELY pissed about) or KOTOR


You could always pick it up for PC, it’s old enough that any PC could run it these days. Same with KOTOR.


KOTOR is a seriously awesome game. The sequel was also pretty good. But if you are a Star Wars fan you owe it to yourself to try those games if possible :slight_smile:


Jedi… pff, their UNREAL ethical guidance is the reason why Sith exist. It’s so aggravating and stupid it isn’t even funny. Why do they want only children to be trained? Because they are much easier to brainwash, why is it that Jedi are not allowed to love? Because Love leads to hate? that’s utter nonsense! I hate Jedi with passion! They make my guts with their dogmatic views turn inside out, Sith on the other hand, want you to excel at who you are, they encourage you to do good! Nobody ever says that Sith are there to only kill and do bad things, that’s what Jedi wants everybody else to think! Sith are so misrepresented and misunderstood only because either you are Jedi (good in their own mind) or not, if not, then you must be bad, hence Siths bad name…

Peace Through Power!


This says it all…



Darth Helmet is the greatest.


Kane did. He knew from Tacitus. And for all we know the Circle knew as well.

Actually, that’s the shitty thing about the story. No game, not even the darn datadisc, explained what Tacitus really was. It was just a ‘library for outer space journeys’. And I refuse to think of something that allows fotr stuff like TCN to be a thing to not be interesting in any way.