Poll: Is slim overpowered? 8.0



  • most OP character than ever before
  • insanely OP
  • OP
  • Balance
  • UP

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Slim’ strength relay on capacity perk … If you took it away . His healing will reduced … you’re not maximizing his healing capability

You don’t need spores or the bug anymore … you can keep the team alive … it’s much useful to use only Leech gun

If you used or switch to spores you limit the healing potential for your self and the team …

Good thing about slim if you had 5% of health left to get down … You can manage to stay very long and get full health back quicker & faster … Even if the monster target you the whole game

The only weakness is his self heal which can be ignored with a good defensive support

What do you guys think

Slim - Hank comb is back ?!

Patch 8.0 Discussion (Updated With Patch Notes)

I still think Slim is just good.


Can I change the title to make it a question more than a statement?


Also I don’t believe that judging a character off of one game with them is a good way of determining if they’re insane or not.


No, he is still fairly meh against the more evasive half of the Monsters.


This thread is… Uh… What exactly is it? You believe that he’s the most overpowered character to ever enter this game… Three of your poll options are OP… And you’ve literally only ever played one game against him? Is there something I’m missing here?


Troll topic i imagine…and here i thought this forum was better than that.


Well, we know who picked the top category…


The gun has changed from Manuel to auto … The rate of shot has increased by 100% +

.5 second was also a huge factor

The amount of healing you can get around 2 second

Takes so much time to down one hunter

The damage is higher because of a faster shots

He is definitely stronger than he ever been

The only weakness he has is his self half … But if you dodge right … Slim is the way to go

Slim is no. 1 in healing the team

And also he is better towards healing 1 target currently


That’s not how it works bud. The rate of fire was actually reduced.

I believe slims gun shoots like Torvald’s now. Just waaaayyyy slower fire rate.


No it was changed from manual to auto and the fire rate was reduced


I think he’s pretty balanced now personally, he can be a bit more of an annoyance when paired with Hank or Sunny’s drone, but even then it’s just a minor hindrance really.


He’s stronger than he’s ever been, he might be a lil buff but he still needs a defensive comp for him to work well.


Points if you get the reference, guys.

Rate of fire went down, as most people have said.

Yet to see this, release Slim was pretty damn strong, but him being better than absolutely useless is nicer, as some people had put it.


need to play more games against him but he seems ok to me so far


Where is the “WTF?” answer possibility?


In numbers yes but it’s actually faster

2 shots is actually faster than before … It might have to do with input lag … Or something else

It’s for sure faster by a huge amount …

I am a console player … I don’t know about PC … Slim now for sure is outstanding … I honestly don’t need a defensive support against good monsters as medic anymore … Unless if I was laz


The devs literally said it’s a slower ROF overall though. I’m no Slim player, but I might just go play him to go and see how ridiculously “OP” he is, as you so nicely put it.


If you re not … Then how do you reply on something you haven’t been experienced with

On console the time it takes between shot was higher

But now it’s faster … it’s noticeable


I didn’t say I’m not experience with him, I said I’m not a Slim player. One does not exclude the other. I’ve played Slim in the past, I’m an ex medic player.

Hey, maybe you should post a vid to show us his massive powerspike now that he’s been overbuffed? You might be a better Slim than I.