Poll: Is fighting against Goliath fun as Hunter?


I wanted to created this poll as a control to see how it fairs with the other poll asking if playing against Wraith is fun as hunter. So…is fighting against Goliath fun as Hunter?

  • Yes
  • No

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Fighting a Goliath is the most balanced since any Hunter you choose can be effective against him. Kraken is just as fun, but some Hunters aren’t consistent against him who have low range.


Agree with this seven thousand and a half times.


markov is best assault he counters all monsters, he mines and blows up rock throws, he lighting guns and kills krakens mines and he assault rifles wraith in decoy as she runs from the glory of markov.


I hate to say it, but Wraith needs some tweaking. I’m not sure what exactly needs to be done, but something needs to be done.

Goliath and Kraken are very well balanced to hunt. Sure, they’re deadly, and sure, I end up probably losing more than winning against them, but I feel like I have a chance. Wraith just makes me feel despair, as it effortlessly slips throw domes and eludes the hunters. It’s no fun, both to hunt and to play. Some tweaks may be needed to the Wraith – I’m not sure what though. Glad I’m not one of the devs who has to tweak these things on this one.

(I love this game btw and its good points far outweigh its bad points. I’ve been raving about it to my friends)


I think all monsters are fun. I like going against the wraith though. Harder to track and find. Goliath is too loud and once you find him you dont really lose him unless you want to or he kills everyone.


That yes to no ratio though.


39 to 0 when I voted. Lol

I think it’s skewed more than ever because of Wraith.


Unless it’s the AI super Goliath.


Yeah f#ck that guy hit me with a rock throw 100 meters away as I climbed a pillar from the opposite side.


This is why the majority of Wraith threads are so positive right?


This game isnt meant for everyone. Searching and chasing were always meant to be part of the gameplay in hunt mode. I lost a lot of that challenge with the goliath and kraken. One blows up my headset with audio cues and the other floats in the freaking sky like a blimp.


The chasing is more annoying compared with Wraith compared to the Kraken or Goliath by far.


actually… would that be a tactic? sneak around, get the buffs and armor up. then go into a fight BAM take a break and let ai handle it? xD


Maybe depending on how long it takes the AI to take over. Find some hostile wildlife, wait for the hunters to get close and unleash the beast.

I admit I have on several occasions watched the AI monster play when I join a game in progress. Better to study my enemy. Doesn’t always make good hunting decisions but it knows how to handle combat, usually.

Edit PS give the Goliath better cool down and watch the carnage.


Fighting a Goliath is fun. He fits the poster-child of the monster team well. All pre-game buffs work well for him, making him very customizable for your playstyle.

He is able to gain good distance on the hunters, but still can be tracked and caught in the Dome - making it feel you always had a chance to engage him and chasing him direct and cutting him off are both legit paths.

All his abilities have appeal. There is no ability that is underused in my opinion. Leap and Charge do damage but can also be used as extra distance gain for escape. Firebreath is iconic, does great damage, and helps find tricky cloaked characters. I personally use Rock throw the least, but its a great ranged attack to help deal with Hunters keeping their distance, or as a follow up on a Charge/ Leap.

His Health is fantastic. Sure its annoying to have a Goliath on 1 bar of health escape, Evolve, and regain a decent chunk of new health, but its also engaging. Its nice to have that brute you put the hurt on earlier come back with a want for blood and revenge.

When I voted, it was 72 yes, 1 No :stuck_out_tongue:


I enjoy fighting all the monsters IF they don’t until the last 2 mins of the game. I had a wraith who never attacked once until the last min at stage 3 even while in the dome, we killed her anyways.


love playing against Goliath and Kraken. If you play well, the hunter team is rewarded through the match with small skirmishes / level 1 or 2 KOs. With Wraith it is just too hard to get into any sort of meaningful encounter until stage 3. So not fun.