Poll: Improving Pub matches Teamwork :medic: :support: :trapper: :assault:


Command system : is a communication method between hunters to improve their teamwork play in pubs

You can use the commands by LS (Left Stick L3)

Cloak me!"

“Heal me!”

“Shield me!”

“Follow me!”

Character Voice or written

Do pub Hunter player need command system ?? In pubs (quick play)

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you think most pubs hunters don’t do their roles ? Do you think 50% + of public matches un-enjoyable and provide a frustrating taste for hunters ?

Example : following the monster alone in stage 3 . No Healing . No shielding . Following Daisy - tracks blindly . Medic shoot the monster while his teammate are suffering from low health . Having too many strikes early on . Doom last 5-10 sec because the trapper died . Too many disconnect . Team ignores pings . Selfish support on cloak . Teammate reviving down players while laz is there etc.

  • Yes
  • Yes , but it’s less than 50% of public matches
  • No
  • Have no idea

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Do you think Command system will improve their play as a team ? Have a better enjoyable experience for Evolve ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • No Idea

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Do you think team work is critical point in Evolve ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Have no idea

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Do you notice/see a major difference between playing in pubs & premades (ranked) ? Is it completely different experience ?

  • Yes
  • Somewhat
  • No

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As FPS gamer do you feel that teamwork is more critical In Evolve than any other FPS game such as (BF-Call of Duty-Destiny . etc.)

  • Yes
  • No
  • I Don’t know

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Do you feel Learning Curve in Evolve is higher than any other FPS game ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • No idea

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Props to @miles_mungin for his suggestion

Thanks for your vote .

RIP evolve PC

I often shout these things over my head set, it falls onto deaf ears most of the time though.

How will commands be different?


Ah, as is the way of pubbing in Evolve.

Basically last night with level 20s

‘heal me!’


next round I switch to medic preference so healing is done, but then no damage is done.



I’m afraid none of this is new, you’re just saying things that are pretty obvious, LMK.


Yea but all in all Bader, I think it won’t really do jack to help the pubbing experience. They won’t catch on no matter the help you give them.


Believe it or not, when these kinds of things are used in Team Fortress 2, I do actually notice players responding to the voice commands. More often than not, when I use the “sentry ahead!” voice prompt, they back away and wait for teammates rather than just running in. I feel like even if players are newer or still learning, they will most of the time listen to commands. I would gladly welcome these, though I see it difficult trying to implement them into the control scheme, especially for console and controller users.


If it used the character’s voice then TRS would need to get all the old voice actors back together for this so it might be better to go with text. However, I think this would help stop pubstomping and encourage teamwork. With TU 9.0 we’ll probably be getting plenty of new and old players back and this addition to the game would make their evolve experience a lot smoother.


Command system is a proving concept on other games

For Example Battlefield 4 uses command system to help the team play as teamwork . When I needed healing I would use the command and my medic teammate will look after me

If player needed supplies . He ask support . Support will respond to him .

If you’re in Vehicle / Airplane . You needed an Engineer to fix it … he will do it for you

The command makes people more responsive . BF4 require some teamwork . But If you compare BF4 with Evolve . Teamwork is by far more critical on Evolve .


I couldn’t agree more, they were work pretty well in TF2 and I don’t use the mic :slightly_smiling:

It wouldn’t hurt I guess :bucket_cute: [quote=“RoboSensei, post:6, topic:83833”]
though I see it difficult trying to implement them into the control scheme, especially for console and controller users

True :<


… the question is not whether those answers were obvious or not

We need to solve pubs … we are not talking about positioning - timing - doom placement - spreading out …dodge management it requires an experience and takes more time to be able to do it … maybe 200+ HR . Takes practice with

The basic skill … is what this thread is about … in pubs hunters feel like they have 0 or very low skill …


Just want a command system for bots:


Lol actually it could be helpful . But I think it’s going to take so much effort to make it work


Recategorized to suggestions section since… well, it’s a suggestion


I feel the same . Will see how it goes


I want a command system for Daisy. For example, make reviving her priority and she’ll try as hard as possible to do it, or change to tracking. And even in the last man (trapjaw) scenario, make her run away to other side of the map instead of cowering like a baby. Preventing her to revive someone might also be useful since some monsters will wait for her to revive a hunter and then in-cap them again. Gives her some aspect of player control rather than just relying on her somewhat unreliable AI.


These would be good additions. It was suggested somewhere before. But it can’t hurt to suggest it again if there was no feedback yet.

Speaking of, I still would like an icon for cloaked people so that you can easily see who is invisible. Because often it’s not that obvious. :wink: cough-cough


Lmk, please stop changing the thread topic back. People are only trying to do their duty as Regulars to make sure that threads are categorized correctly and cleanly, and you’re making it very hard on us. This is OBVIOUSLY a suggestion, so let’s keep it that way.



It’s not though. He’s asking the community for their thoughts, not telling TRS it should be implemented. Every poll has a question directed at the community.

For now, it’s ok in General.


If it’s in write text at least it will be visible. Also, I tend to mute someone if they’re being annoying (not saying you are) which people can be a over demanding when it comes to such commands. I also mute kids (not sure if i shold feel bad). But whether it’s a character voice or written on-screen it can’t be avoided, ignored? Potentially. But at least the message will get through.


Telling TRS something should be implemented is definitely not a suggestion. It’s a command.