Poll: Improving Average Pubs Hunter


This poll is about quick play (public match only)

There is only 2 tutorial in Evolve (Markov - Goliath)

Do you think the tutorial of Markov is enough to start playing the other roles in public match ??

  • Yes , definitely
  • No

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How often do you see a medic that is healing his teammate in public match ?

Scale from 1 to 5

  • very often , and on point
  • often
  • usually
  • occasionally
  • rare
  • rare unless he is level 40

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How often do you see support is shielding or jetboosting his teammate in public match ??

  • very often , and on point
  • often
  • usually
  • occasionally
  • rare
  • rare unless he is level 40

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In what are the occasions you see medic healing or support is shielding ?? In pubs

  • All the time
  • when some one goes down
  • when you have 10% of Health left

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How often do you see lvl 40 medic is healing or lvl 40 is shielding in public match ??

  • very often
  • often
  • usually
  • occasionally
  • rare

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By average . How much time trapper takes to doom the monster in public match ??

  • No doom until Relay fights
  • 20 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • 2 minutes

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When did you start playing the first time in Evolve ?? What did you feel ??

[Poll name=yr]

  • joyment and happiness
  • frustrated
  • Both of them

Are you Hunter or monster mainly ??

  • Hunter
  • Monster

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What is your main role ?? A role you love more to play ?? You enjoy more

  • Assault
  • Trapper
  • Support
  • Medic

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Do you think that new players had an influence on you to switch your role or to be monster ??

  • Yes , absolutely
  • Yes , to some extent
  • Yes, I will switch to monster
  • Yes, I can’t play with players don’t know how to play
  • No, it had no influence

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As percentage , how often do you find a good match in public match … a match you can enjoy out of all matches ??

  • 100% of matches are fun
  • 75%
  • 50%
  • 25%
  • 10%

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Do you think if we had tutorial for ( support-medic-trapper ) + dodging ) not only Markov … we would have a better new players … we would have more enjoyment … we would have less frustrating … we would have better perception of the game ??

  • Yes, absolutely
  • Yes, to some extent
  • No, it has no effect

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Do you think new players are not retained because of how good players play the game ?? Or vice versa … good players can’t play their main roles … or they can’t stand playing with new players as Hunter ??

Do you feel that way ??

  • Yes
  • Yes, to some extent
  • No

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Do you think having a better new player would make Evolve more enjoyable in public match … would you think it have a good impact on player base ??

  • Yes, Absolutely
  • Yes, it will do a major impact
  • Yes, to some extent
  • No, it has no effect

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Thank you for voting .

So you guys have been talking the next Micropatch lately
RIP evolve PC

This is a ridiculous amount of polls.


Yes I know man

But I think these are critical points I found playing with pubs … and I am curious to know what average players think

Because these are connected with each … how players play the game and how people would enjoy it more

Inputs >> Output

If we can improve the inputs (tutorial system ) we would have a better output

Is this the case ?? Or how can we improve ??


He might be referring to the other 10+ threads you made… with the 10+ polls in them…

And half of these are either redundant, don’t make sense or have multiples of the same answer but different wording.

For gods sakes a freaking “Yes, No and Maybe” will suffice.

Not “Yes, Absolutely” and a “Yes it will have a major impact” like in the last/bottom poll like they are two totally different options.

And the one about Doming the Monster was amusing because “No DOOM until the Relay.”

Edit: Oh and so I can contribute to the thread in a meaningful way and not nitpick the abundance of polls.

“Yes a better tutorial would help with new players and be less punishing on the Vets.”

Oh look at that I completely simplified your Wall-of-Polls post.

The only character that TRS really needs to shove down New Player’s throats is f**king Lazarus. Seriously…

And there should be an icon screaming “WAIT! DON’T REVIVE! LAZARUS IS RIGHT HERE!!!” or something similar. I swear nothing is more frustrating than some idiot picking up Support or whomever and giving them a strike.

It’s even worse when Lazarus picks me up with the normal revive and not the damn glove.

TRS! Child proof that thing! Make it so that the Glove is automatically used when Reviving someone as for they need to switch to it or something.

You can’t fix stupid but you can take precautions to these types.



I respect your opinion

This poll was made for a good purpose …those data will help evolve currently and in the future of the series and you can ask developers themselves

They will tell you it’s important

This game is. A teamwork game … that means the wins/lose rely on the whole team … if someone did not do his role more likely … you can’t win

Evolve is an amazing game and it worth more playerbase than most other games currently … it received lots of rewards for the concept they made

If players played as they supposed to play … we would have 10 K playing the game each day … if most matches were enjoyable … don’t you want that ??

About laz … I agree completely

R6S / l4d 2 / pay day 2 has a team work aspects !! Can you tell me why it’s on most games played ??


Player base is fine. Bringing it up more in different threads doesn’t make it a legitimate problem.


It’s not only about Player base
Joyment level
Intense matches or close matches
Winning ratio
The game doesn’t rewards when other members wasn’t doing their role
No competition

Most games I have played in pubs was a bad experience for monster and hunter

There wasn’t competion

Hunter would die within 5 second because other members didn’t do their job

Doom doesn’t last more than 10 second … that is not fun

An issue that will be fixed (flee till 3)

Good players can get away with this by playing in premades

When ever I see there is no competition…players tend to play other games - go offline - switch lobby - the whole team rage quit

And some of them don’t play anymore …they like we are done

Ranked 2.0 is amazing and solved most issues

The content on this game dlc - variations - community tournaments - challenges was great add to the game

But I think tutorial needs rework and this hopefully will impact a huge element in the game because I saw only few players on pubs that knew how to play the game

In 4-6 months since Hunt 2.0 was released I never played with the same team for 5 matches in a row in pubs except 2 days ago … and 1 of my teammate told me I haven’t had this fun since old days Evolve … and some of them add me as friend which is an indication of how we/they suffer playing with bad Hunters

Tagging Mr. @macman

I’ve played 8k + full complete matches
1k in (hunt & pre-made in pups)

Around 3k I’ve disconnected in pubs because I couldn’t handle it
The anger level and frustration was high for me or other players that were doing their jobs in the lobby

85-90% of premades matches were very enjoyable weather we lost or won

10-15 % of premades matches were not enjoyable because of flee till 3 or if someone did a huge mistake

Around 10-18% of matches were enjoyable in pubs but not as enjoyable as premades matches

Sometimes I like to play assault - trapper … but I can’t be because I believe in my guts that medic or support will not do their job …

I have 2.5 K matches as monster only because I can’t stand playing with bad hunters … they mostly quit after 1 match against me … I normally go stage 1 drop ship game

So if we had a better average hunter … higher level players in pubs can play as hunter instead of making themselves have a bad experience (playing role he they may not like … monster ) or make hunters have a bad experience

… I am very thankful and grateful for all the work you have done at TRS to make the game as enjoyable and balanced as possible : )

But I think tutorial system is #1 factor to rework … I think the average hunter should be reasonable and not that difficult to work with

I have around 40 games on X1 and I only play this one game since it was released and I can see it has higher gab

My recommendation :

Instead of only having Markov- Goliath tutorial :

Healing tutorial
Shielding tutorial
Dodging tutorial

For example : in tutorial

The monster is focusing on trapper … he had lost half health … it stop the gameplay and teach you how to heal him up to full

It priories the healing … it teach you only to heal unless the team has a full health

It teach you how to look for your health also

When the monster is attacking you … let’s say leap smash is coming … it stop the attack and the game teach you how to dodge

When the monster is using lightening strike on assault and he needs a shield

The lightening strike attack is stopped until you shield that damage

The idea :

Evolve has a huge skill gab between high level and low levels .

I think trapping - shielding - healing (most levels -players should be able to do it ) - dodging one attack atleast.

I’ve seen many levels 40 was not doing any of this … which is concerning . Even 40 level team

These elements should be in higher levels :
Good dooms - experience level - timing - positioning - better teamwork - dodging - maximizing damage - higher surviavability .

Prioritization :
For medic : use medic gun as often as you can
Don’t use your main weapon to damage the monster unless your team has around full health

For support :
Shield as soon as you can to take out monster damage … and you are reasonable for the well being of a medic

Make sure drone is their all the time

You will maximize your damage output if you work as a team


Some constructive criticism then.

##1) Polls on the forum really aren’t useful

One important thing when it comes to data collection is your sample, how representative it is of the population and how confident you can be of that. The forums consist largely of long term players with a lot of experience and expectations on how the game should be played.

Their experience is going to not be comparable to those who have just started the game, and through their experience they are more likely to encounter people that are not up to their “standard”

##2) Your questions need to be less leading

While not awful some of your questions tend to hint towards an answer, and your answer options weight responses towards one side or the other. People tend to go for the middle option in polls, very rarely do they think that something is 100% bad or 100% good, and so it is natural for people to plump for a more compromising answer. In so many of your options here you are basically inviting people to say “Yeah, a bit”

The effect of this is to give less worthwhile information.

##3) Some of your questions lack enough context

The trapper dome question… there are a number of reasons why this time may be different from person to person, not always because of low skill, not always because of anything the hunters are doing. When asking questions you need to be clear about what information you’re trying to obtain by asking it… if you can’t see a way that you’ll get objective information that can’t be explained by something else, then the question is not worth asking.

Ultimately I feel TRS have all the tools they need to work out how the experience is for teams with varying experience levels, and actually watching people play (which we know they do try to do via streams to get an idea of what’s going on out in the wild) is much more valuable than prescribed answers to these kinds of questions :slightly_smiling:

I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but I just don’t think that it can ever be seen as reliable or useful data as it currently is.


The last two points are certainly the main reasons I didn’t bother voting in these and some others of his polls.


That’s how you offer constructive criticism.

Just sayin’.


Also, Id like to point out, some of your polls ignore some variables. For example your trapper dome one, some characters will find the monster faster than others. And notice, I said characters, not players. Specifically, a Maggie will find the monster faster than an Abe. Keep in mind, these are still characters not players. Sure experience helps out a lot when players are playing the character, but if they’re new and completely ignored the tutorials, of course they’re not gonna know to follow Daisy.

Now you may be asking, How does this example tie back with the polls? Here’s how: I literally said it above but Ill elaborate. Maggie has a direct way to track the monster with Daisy; she will still track the monster even when sneaking! Abe on the other hand, takes time because he needs to dart anything edible so the monster can eat the tracking dart. That’s why it may take a Maggie two minutes to dome a monster and it may take an Abe 10.

Then with the medic, not all medics can heal at a consistent rate. Actually, the only three medics with a consistent heal rate are Caira <3, Slim and Emet. Val, and Laz don’t have consistent heals because of their reload times on their burst/medgun. I was almost tempted to put Emet with Val and Laz cause his healing buoys get destroyed when a fly lands on it but I decided against it.

Now the same question for the Medics: How does this example tie back with the polls?
Here’s why: Medguns run out of battery. Say it with me Medguns Run Out of Battery, Healburst have a longer reload time. Caira is not linear. Caira needs to have decent aim with the grenades for heals. Slim needs to be facing the monster 24/7 and poping the spore cloud after each clip of the shotgun.

But now you may be asking, the medgun has a decent amount of battery for heals, where is this coming from if the player isnt healing? This one is extremely situation and im trying to provide for the most common situations: for this particular question the only situations i can think of is either: Medic split up with the team to follow someone else, or the medic is being focused on and cant do shit. I know that since im a medic main, If im being focused on, Im still healing the team even if i go down.

my point is some of your polls are situation and completely ignore variables.

And you people need to understand the shield projector, medgun, JPB, Shield drone all have a battery, Some of them deplete faster than others! Some of them requires more consideration than others. Thats where I stand with this pole.


This was not talking about tutorial video

This was about including tutorial to players before they play the game … inorder to get a basic knowledge of how it works for (support - medic - trapper)

And how the team can win the match … how teamwork works

Currently there is only ( Goliath - Markov) tutorial
Would like


The bias and polluted sampling in this Poll is High.



got tired after the third poll tbh


seeing 50% for matches being fun is concerning!

I think we need more tutorials…


Leading the witness!!


I completely understand its not about tutorial videos, if you reread my comment, you wont find the words “tutorial video” at all. Im just letting you know, your pole ignores things and is a tad situational

Unless you’re stating that “this was [remove “not”] talking about tutorial video” then i misunderstood, but if thats the case then it kind of defeats the purpose of them removing the tutorial videos and moving them elsewhere to save up space in the game.


Well I can’t be more specific … it takes more polls to do it . Which I am sure most people hate too much polls in a thread .

But generally all trapper have tracking and can track the monster through his footprints or birds


Evolve has a huge skill gab between high level and low levels .

I think trapping - shielding - healing (most levels -players should be able to do it ) - dodging one attack atleast.

I’ve seen many levels 40 was not doing any of this … which is concerning .

These elements should be in higher levels :
Good dooms - experience level - timing - positioning - better teamwork - dodging - maximizing damage - higher surviavability .


Players not knowing what they’re doing has definitely had an impact on my playing time over the last 6 months. I play less and less as each week goes by, and pretty much now only play if I have another buddy or two to start a group with. “Level 40” doesn’t even mean anything anymore…there are a ton of players that know what their class does…but not how to do it in an effective way.