[POLL] Implementing an order in the choice of characters


In rank mode, do you think it would be good to have almost the same “character choice system” than in competitive events ie :

  • Pick Medic & Support
  • Monster pick
  • Pick Trapper/Assault
  • Monster choose its perk

15 seconds to choose each time.

It will bring variety to the premade composition and the monster pick as it will force Monsters & Hunters to adapt to the other team. I think it will bring new compositions more often and we will avoid the almost constant “chase comp”.


  • Yes
  • No



We’ll have to wait till next patch, I heard they got some pretty major meta changes coming up


What if Monster is AFK? What if someone decide to troll and just won’t chose his/her character within 2 minutes?


15 seconds for each choice, if the monster is afk, he is kicked from the game and loose points.

Same for the hunters. You don’t play ranked (or any game mode) if it’s to be afk. There is nothing more annoying than this…


I always thought it would be nice to have picks done in a way that both sides can tell what the other will pick (perhaps partially) and can have a chance at counterpicking. Right now that’s only possible for hunters, when they know a monster player only uses one monster.

I don’t like the 15 seconds so much. Sometimes someone can go afk(c?) for a bit. I do that when waiting for a monster game. 30-45 seconds is more reasonable. The hunters share the timer for the 1st two and 2nd two picks. That makes it around 1min 30s to 2min 15s for the picks. (still under how much is allowed now)


I kind of like this idea. It would have to only be in ranked and the selection time needs to be longer than 15 seconds for the reasons xTr1ckOrTr3atx stated above :smiley_cat:


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