Poll : If Torvald is the Caira of the Assault class, who is the Caira for the Trapper class?

  • Maggie + Daisy
  • Griffin
  • Abe
  • Crow

Sunny is more like the Wraith of the Support class rather then the Caira. So she doesn’t count.

A Caira: A character who is super duper derpy good at their job.
A Wraith(Pre patch of course): An easy way to get above average 60% winrate by having abilities or items that cheese way more than intended.

Uh…So the most reliable pick…Well MaddCow has officially shown us that a good Monster will neuter Daisy, soooo…I’d honestly have to go with Crow here.

In terms of “outright better than the rest of the class?” None.

Consistency-wise? I’d say Griffin. He sacrifices stage 1 detection for superior and lasting stage 2 and 3 detection, and his Harpoon is excellent against Goliath and Behemoth, and still good against Wraith. He sucks against Kraken but so does everyone else.

Trapper simply doesn’t have a Caira, Sunny, or Torvald hunter that reigns supreme in every situation. The trapper class is most balanced in winrate largely because their contributions come from player positioning and domes. They don’t impact the team in the details – the other hunters don’t need to repick to suit any of the trappers better (ignoring Sunny for obvious reasons). Trapper just wants to know which Monster they’re against.


:+1: Give this man a cookie or six hundred and sixty six.


and all because he is Crocodile Dundee. he did always prefer a challenge.

Definitely Maggie, her kit is perfect for playing it safe.


You’d be surprised at the things a skilled Monster can do to Daisy. She literally becomes useless. I’ll be tranqing the Monster and pinging, she’ll be running and howling in the other direction.

Caira is Abe, they’re gonna make smart cowboy babies XD

A Caira: A character who is purely made for healing and thus best at it while the other medics have more utilities. *
A Torvald: A character who is purely burst dps damage and thus best at it (along with Parnell) while the other assaults have good defence utilities.*

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Is there video of this? I’d like to see it.

On his channel, or ask him. Should be up soon. It was in his stream last weekend…Right after the laggy Wraith game I had. >.>

Do you stream?

MaddCow does. I was on his stream- Community Coaching with Cow:

Thanks. I am going to check that out! Bird-Person is appreciative.

Yeah…Nice profile pic…

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There you go, @warpathchris, a link to that stream. It’s right at the end, where MaddCow himself goes Monster.


Eugh, no one really. Trappers must be the most balanced anyway, since zhey usually are the most important pick of the entire team that will dictate the most of the match.

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Except Torvald isn’t the Caira of the Assault class, and that’s a silly thing to say. Caira is Caira because no other Medics are viable in-combat healers. Literally every other Assault is viable, except maybe Hyde because of certain match-ups, and Torvald is weak against the most commonly used Monster. Markov is still the steadiest and most reliable Assault against all Monsters. There is no Caira of the Trapper class because Trappers are balanced.


The problem is that the trapper isn’t that huuuuuge of an impact as you can see in their winrates.

The best is Maggie though because she brings daisy. I wouldn’t call that being on the level of CST though. It ain’t that good.

Wait for the next hunter set it will probably contain the goto trapper.