[Poll] I propose that we name Title Update 9 to "Update X" [E3 2016 Speculation]


It’s just too big and too crazy of a change (or changes) to simply use a follow up number. ew… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been naming my updates and patches, I find them to be very helpful for marking time periods. Right now we’re on what I like to call Firebird patch, because of the fire and dot changes.

Plus I think getting the message out that something game changing is happening. People would be like “hmm Update X say, what is it lemme check what the fuss is about

So what do you guys think?

  • Title Update 9, so boring.
  • Title Update 10, did 7 ate 9?
  • Update X, mysterious yet they know we mean something big.
  • Title Update Nein, I see what you did there.

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Other names that I have considered but chose too silly or no longer relevant. If you guys had a bucket of water over your computer and you had to choose which would you choose from the bracket below?

  • Update Azmi, This will make Azmi leave people alone with his twerking references.
  • Title update Pink, because everything is turning pink.
  • Update Chimera, this was my personal name for the update because of the Decoy changes. You’ll get the reference.
  • Update Luminance, because no more cloaks. Everything is clear now with the maps too.

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As always have fun and stay safe.


I choose to cry at the loss of my computer.


The we shall collect your salty tears and built the very foundation of the next update with salty tears.


My $3,000 computer…


  • Prefer to not answer one of Azmi’s totally biased unbiased polls that only Azmi would enjoy the controversy that will arise from it.
  • Testing image use in Polls. Edit: does not work.

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Azmi forgot to add this as an option.


The poll disappeared after a second on my screen. Lol didn’t want to answer it anyway.


site kept crashing for me :frowning:


While the polls are biased, a discussion needs to be had about this. We can’t have sine people calling it 1.0 and some TU09(well we can but… is annoying).

I wish everyone just called it The Rerelease and we could abreviated to RR or TUrr.

Edit: Screw it. I’m going to stay calling it TUrr.

Edit 2: eh. I’ll probly still call it TU09. Maybe TUX.


I suggest that we ask the devs to make a thread to take suggestions, then put them in a poll for us to vote on.


Title Update Relaunch of Doom! Or TURD for short.


I’ve said it before, but I’m going to keep calling it TU09 until further notice. The build does have a “special” name, but we aren’t going to reveal that quite yet.

As far as calling it 1.0, I find it not making a lot of sense. We’ve got a whole set of internal build numbers and the build won’t be 1.0, it will be a different number… So I don’t want to confuse devs by calling it one number outward facing and another inward facing. If we start doing that then someone would have to keep track of the numbers and it would get super confusing when trying to keep track of bugs and everything else.


I already wrote how it will be called. All discussion on this topic is pointless.


<I like to buck trends!


When even is the update? Next week Next month Next year Next decade or Next century?



Title Update Soon™ sounds like a good name. Maybe TRS can even copyright it.


By July 31st given the hints that have been dropped.


I figure calling it “The Summer Update” for now makes the most sense.


But what if you live in the Southern Hemisphere?