Poll: Hyde's Minigun Sound - Old or New?


This has been bugging me for months, but which version of Hyde’s Minigun sound do you guys prefer?

Personally I prefer the old one by far, because it sounds more authentic and closer to what a Minigun sounds like compared to the newer one which sounds generic and like someone is working a hand crank.

Actual Minigun Firing: http://youtu.be/lVgTTAukMOU?t=17s

Old: http://youtu.be/FxWDw1jGaxo?t=3s

New: http://youtu.be/U8Tou0GyOWQ?t=1m30s

  • Old
  • New


New sounds more satisfying In my opinion but old isn’t bad


Added a video of an actual minigun firing as a reference.


It was changed due to the amount of bullets being shot. They used to have issues with the amount of projectiles being thrown out so it had a higher velocity of firing. That changed and they lowered the rounds per second shot and the sound to be more inline with that new amount.


The old sound is too quiet, however the new sound seems to sound like a different type of gun, but I’m no gun expert.


Bummer. =[


Ya. It had something to due with the amount of processing it took to determine where all the bullets landed or something. They were sad to take it out in the end.


I actually would love to hear the two sounds merged into one since one is more treble and the other is more base.


I was about to say I liked the old one because it sounded faster, but if they lowered the firing speed then that explains why the second sounds the way it does.


I like the nice thrum of the old sound I think if the newer sound had a different pitch, like if it was deeper it would sound better right now it sounds closer to an assault rifle or submachine gun than a Death Machine


The old sound is absolutely the best … I remember MacMan saying he didn’t knew why they changed it and he was gonna look it up.


Yeah I remember him saying that.

@MacMan any update on that?


So in regards to guns are you all about that bass? Kappa


And every inch of you is perfect from the barrel to the stock. Oh yeah I should write lyrics for songs…not really, actually.


Yup. It has been changed back, but I think it’s in an update, and not in the release build.


Awww, nice to hear :slight_smile:


Day 1 update confirmed! Rabble rabble rabble. Why would they do this instead of just having the game done. My disc is incomplete and I want a refund. /end stereotypical griefer rant lol


Good job guys, we made it happen :stuck_out_tongue: cough cough !

Thanks MacMan, you the real MVP!


OMG DEV HYPE THANK YOU. Can’t wait to hear it.


Not using the gau 8 as your example.