POLL: Hunt 2.0 Matchmaking – Timed Vote Option to Introduce Bot Players


Edit: Have amended poll options to reflect the ongoing discussion on this idea. Please refer to post 11 for new poll.

So this is actually another forum member’s idea that I’m borrowing as I’m keen to see whether this is something that the community at large would be interested in. I am not saying that it is the perfect long term solution, but I think it would definitely alleviate a lot of the grievances people currently have due to the lower player base we are experiencing right at the moment. So here goes……

Possible Soulution:
After matchmaker searches for online Hunters for a mandatory period of 5-7 minutes, if there are empty slots that still need to be filled then a vote option would become available whereby the people waiting in the lobby can vote for a bot to take the role of empty Hunter slots, or continue to wait for other players.

This allows the matchmaking system time to do its job, but prevents people that just want to get into a game from waiting excessively. Caveat - Without actual knowledge of the system, let us assume for a moment that this is technically feasible.

Would you wish to see this implemented as a valid solution?

  • Yes, I wish this could be implemented
  • No, I don’t think this is the right solution

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I’m honestly unsure. It DEFINITELY beats waiting infinitely for games. But it’s a major disadvantage.

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It would come down to the individual at the time. Do they risk relying on a bot in ranked and vote yes, or wait for an unknown period of time for someone else to join? It’s a tough call, but at least you would have the option to vote for or against, with majority rule presiding in the lobby.

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I’m going to have to say no.

If I want a quick unbalanced game, I’ll go Skirmish.
If I want something as balanced as the system allows, I wait and use Hunt.

I do not want bots in my ranked games.


What you said feels accurate. I accept that Ranked = longer waits but fair games. Well. As fair as possible.


I am totally with you. Bots can be good and sometimes bad. Its not constant.

But I do want less wait time :smile:


I think that if it’s introduced that it should need every hunter voting yes, that way the people who want the more balanced games don’t have to play with bots


I don’t agree with the option to start rank mode with bots, but if they do add them they should then heavily reduce the amount of points lost with a defeat.


No hunter team is going to vote to be at a disadvantage in a ranked game mode, it might help a little at the lower levels where bots are similar to players in skill and so the players are more inclined to let a bot be on the team, but at higher levels (which is where the matchmaking really takes its toll because of the lower player count in the higher ranks) it just won’t work, there’s no point playing a skilled monster with at least one bot on your team because its so easy to take advantage of such a big weakness


It looks like its the higher level matches that people are the most concerned about so far, so perhaps it would be best to implement @Magik_boom’s idea, ensuring a 100% risk agreement to gain bot players. For those that would want to use the option, so long as its agreed to prior to class select then you can still back out without a penalty.


In line with the current discussion, here is the new poll option:

  • Yes, I wish this could be implemented
  • Yes, but only if it required every player in the lobby (100%) voting ‘yes’ for the bot, and those that vote ‘no’ for a bot can back out of the lobby without penalty
  • No, I don’t think this is the right solution

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Unless it’s Parnell Bot. Then I don’t mind so much :stuck_out_tongue:

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Then it turns out to be Lennybot who’s literally worthless.

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is she? I admit I don’t pay much attention to her as a bot.


Well, not worthless, but subpar. Lennox needs a good player in her to be powerful. Bots are not good players.

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The new, updated poll is sitting at post 11. How do people feel about the updated requirement of 100% votes before the inclusion of a bot. Would this be a worthwhile option to implement? It would after all only affect you if you vote for it in the lobby so I think it really puts the issue back in the hands of the individual. For now though it’s time to capture some more poll data…



i prefer to wait


I dunno. Maybe if the bot was considered Bronze Skilled, lowering our average rank and matching us with an appropriate monster and/or rewarding us for pulling off a win with lots of points or not penalizing us with a loss of a lot of points on a loss.

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Sounds reasonable to me. They give a bot a rank level and then the points adjust accordingly like they currently do with a full lobby, except the bot is recognised effectively as a ‘handicap’ of sorts.

You can’t communicate or strategise with it so if you win, then you should be rewarded more for it. This would need to factor in the level of the Monster too though as it’s possible that less experienced lower levels might actually have their capabilities boosted by the presence of a bot rather than the other way around found in higher level play.