POLL: How Long Are You Likely To Stay In The Forums?


Where is the stay for eternity choice?

Cause my soul is tied to this place

Even when I die I will still type here


i will be lurking, nice to find a not so toxic bunch of people, gl and hf


The Boom notices all.


Stalker no stalking !


Even if I left the forums, or even if I stopped playing Evolve altogether
These are the faces that will remain in my heart forever :


Crush intensifies


i will be here until death, or until we actually find a planet like shear.


Tag me and if I’m conscious I’ll try and be there.

If I’m asleep or otherwise occupied, I’ll be there when I’m not.

I know you’ve been feeling unrespected and unwelcome but I would instantly miss you if you really did decide to leave. You’re a good, and often misunderstood, person.


Gotta stick around for dat anime thread.


I’m around at times, just not the same community as it was when I joined.


I’ll be around but even less that usual, It just makes me depressed being involved with evolve at this point, so I dunno.

you guys are great and this is the only forums page where I don’t feel like I’m talking to pretentious f*cks who think being popular in a forum makes them special, and that’s really rare believe me, but the more I stay involved with evolve the sadder I get… At this point I’m just waiting for 2k to either pull the plug or make our dreams come true.


I mainly used the forums to post ideas for hunters and monsters when I felt inspired. Honestly it wasn’t often, but I usually came around when ideas were poppin. What was best was when people would have conversations about their ideas. Infact I’m about to update some old ideas now. TRS I gotta I hand it to you, ur Game inspired me to create some of my best most developed game art and concepts yet, u guys got my first full body animation (honestly I jumped from stick figures to a card game then directly to a 4 legged, tailed, super muscled, detailed faced BEAST and I had it moving!. If its not too much to ask since no more work can be done, would it be possible for u guys to release some of the latest concept art for any maps, monsters, and hunters? Also a way to present Evolves growth from concept to now would also be really cool, a nice way to say good by besides the Twitch stream


For old times’ sake:


God to think I’ve been here for so long and honestly don’t know how long I’ll stay seeing as how my absences usually go without mention but oh well. (Yeesh reading this part is coming off a bit more sad than I intended it to be XD)

Just wish I made a better name for myself rather than just another regular but eh what can you do. I will probably have to come to a decision on whether to leave or not soon enough though.


guess whos still on the boards posting and kicking

Im still here! Ive got some new monster designs cooking in the oven too! Though i think i may have to change my focus on one? It was supposed to be a breserker but I see that one of the design notes designated a monster that was supposed to come out as a breserker type…perhaps my monster would have been unique enough since it could change its style of attack between defense and breseker?

anyways whos still out there?
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I’m special enough to get tagged! Woo!!!


I’ll be here till they shut down… not that i think they ever will… Honestly ill be here till im 92 and blind… Thank god for voice to txt… bixby jot this crap down!


This fucking rez tho.

Bruh. Why?


To lock or not to lock, that IS the question :thinking: