POLL: How Long Are You Likely To Stay In The Forums?


I welcome you very much.

I respect you a lot, in fact I enjoy when I see you comment on topics.

The day shredder has left the forums and won’t return again


OSkomodo <3


I’m not sure if I’ll be on these forums before the year ends.


I’m done since I noticed that the devs don’t care about proper balancing and our opinions.


I miss @Shin

But he is currently the main star for Shin Godzilla:





Eh, I like ya well enough. If you disappeared I would wonder where you went.


Very active members who leave all the sudden I finally think about

I look up there name, see they are banned

And shut my pie hole


I can’t find myself to post anything. I have no balance input. It’s a shame to be a console person and get pushed out.

There has been no work to even keep our attention!


Been here since late 2014, Don’t know if i will leave anytime soon.


We’re all gonna get banned.




That’s the most HD gif version of that video I’ve ever seen.


I do more reading than posting, and being incapable of playing Evolve with anyone other than myself it’s hard to keep interest.

But I have been making some friends on here so that’s been fun. People often get me to stay more than content.


You are an integral part of this community.plz dont leave us. :cry:


I’ll Probably stay until stage2 is out of beta.


I lurk on occasion, pop up here and there. Since Stage 2 happened I don’t really play anymore.


I’ll probably be around for a while. Even if I don’t comment or post, which is often, I’m still usually lurking.

Yay, I’m loved! On a more serious note, I checked your profile and saw your message. I’m sorry to see you go and hope that one day conditions will change and you’ll feel welcome here again.


I’m curious, does anyone gonna notice if I’m gone


I sure will! And that’s sad of course.