POLL: How Long Are You Likely To Stay In The Forums?


Will stay for as long as I play the game. Am disappointed in the direction the game has been going but for the moment I’m still playing.


As long as I love Evolve I’ll stay here, and that’s gonna be a petty long time.
Btw, @Rapterror you’re gonna leave soon? What’s happening bro?


I’m not even on the forums for Evolve anymore. Hardly ever play it now since its no longer getting updates.

I just use this as a general hangout forum.


You legacy pleb.


I just wanted to freak people out.


It’s not for lack of trying…


Filthy casual!



Someone I always knew who was being pulled back and forth was @10shredder00

But not @GoGoGoliath You are liked highly here, haven’t ever been in a lot of fights if not none (I haven’t seen them) So that’s unusual


I sometimes feel I cause more stress than I make people happy, be it here on the forums or in the game.

I am sure there’s also a fair share of people who would prefer I just not be here.


But who would I fuse with?


What do you mean?


Remember we fused like in DBz


I don’t remember. I am sorry.


No problem


I may not post anything,but I always looking around,I like this forum.I appear in special ocasions.


I kinda stopped playing… I still log in everyday to get my daily rewards, check the forums daily for any new haps, and wait each week for updates, but things have been pretty stale lately. I only ever play Co-op vs. AI variant maps in the hopes of getting crates but… I don’t know. I really hope the Bob variant coming up in a couple of days will be enough to reignite the spark for Evolve, I really want to see this game succeed.


Yep. I have many reasons for not wanting to stay and few yet impactful reasons for staying.

  • Why not to stay:

  • I don’t feel welcome.

  • I don’t feel respected.

  • I don’t think many people would even care about my absence.

  • I don’t feel like the Devs care as much about the community as they have in the past.

  • I don’t play Evolve nearly as much as I used to.

  • I’ve been openly attacked relentlessly in the past and received no help even when I sought out help.

  • Etc.

  • Reasons to stay:

  • The forums have become a habit of mine. Waiting for or in a lobby for a game I alt+tab and find something to entertain me, since I’ve joined these forums, this is where I’ve gone. YouTube and other sites offer videos that must be paused and come out sporadically from your favorite content creators but here there are always new threads.

  • Although I don’t feel welcome or respected I am fairly known here, be it by “the guy that hates Slim” or “cupcake” or “shredder” or “Zack” etc. For the most part, I’m somewhat known for who I am; whether I am treated nicely after that is a different matter altogether.

  • Friends like @GoGoGoliath, @Shunty, @Rapterror, @KomodoLover, @Buckets_Sentry_Gun, @TheMountainThatRoars, @BearStream, you, etc.
    You’re all here and this is an easy way to communicate with you all.


Sad that my name wasn’t listed


…I accidentally removed my “etc.” when I moved the you from it’s previous position…


:slight_smile: You are an awesome ranter as well XD