POLL: How Long Are You Likely To Stay In The Forums?


Watching Val lover @Fluffington and Caira lover @Moiser no longer active in the forums made me feel very sad ;(
So I wanted to ask everyone how long are they likely to stay in the forums.

Note: The “long-medium-low” amount of time depends on your thoughts on how long you think they are, like staying for half a year is maybe low or medium for you.

  • I’m mostly sure I’ll stay for a long time
  • I think I’ll stay for a fair amount of time
  • I think I’ll leave not very long from now
  • Not so sure

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I love the game, and even if I don’t feel like posting anything I’ll probably lurk


I’ll be in the forum as long as I’m in the game, which means as long as the game is alive and healthy.
So probably till the forum goes dead which I hope it won’t.


You probably should have put number ranges as opposed to opinion based phrases that will change from person to person.


I didn’t go on for a couple of months before


I think I’ll be here a while longer :smiley_cat:


I’m still here :smiley:


I’ll be in and out until evolve is dead


Hah this is practically what I do now.


When legacy started dying I lurked around, didn’t post much but I was still up to date with patch notes and found people opinions/strategies interesting

With the stage 2 launch im still here but I’m much more vocal. I still read patch notes and most discussions but all the f2p’s OP/UP threads are really starting to irritate me.

I’ll definitely be here until the game dies, I love this game and community too much

Edit: now that Evolve wont be updated anymore, I’m not sure what to do with the forums anymore, I can’t post bug reports and suggestions and there’s no point arguing who’s OP/UP, and I’m not someone who looks for groups to play with or participate in tournaments


Lurker, stop lurking !


I’ll stay for a long time :slight_smile: I’ve met my best friends here, I’ve never been able to be depressed here (Which is great) and I’ve been here for a year already…I’m a nerd


tfw I’m already gone.


I come here every day. Where else will I go to get my daily dose of Behemoth OP complaints?!


Haven’t seen you in a while :open_mouth:


Who knows. I might have to move on, you can imagine the amount of complains here everyday diminishes the quality of the game. Not to mention when you actually go in-game and see this guy from the other side of the world with 900 ping as monsters and you can’t land a single hit to him.


I have been here for over a year, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. So I’m not planning on leaving


I’ll probably be here for a long, long time. Even if the playerbase was to drop to 10 players, I’d probably still be here.


Dang it :stuck_out_tongue: