POLL: How Do You Check These Forums? *POLL*


As implied by the title.

  • Desktop PC
  • Laptop
  • Android/Smartphone
  • Tablet

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By check I mean which method do you use to visit these forums most often :sunglasses:


Desktop but im answering fr lom my phone lol


Both on desktop and on smartphone. You probably should have increased the maximum of votes required to answer, 2 would have been good.


Smdh, Kathryn… :roll_eyes:


He meant what he said. :wink:


What do you mean by android/smartphone?


Real phones. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m browsing on my old Nokia 3310.




Do I though?


iPad lol. Don’t have a phone and I rarely have access to a PC.


I would check on my phone all the time if it was a bit more displayed for mobile. TRS app plz?


I check the forum through my monthly “Turtle Rock Forums Summary” emails.


I also use both but I use my phone to check most of the time.