Poll: Highest Monster level you won against

What is the best accomplishment you have had ?

Highest monster level you won against ?

  • Gold
  • Silver Destroyer
  • Silver Elite
  • Silver Master
  • Silver Expert
  • Silver Skilled
  • Bronze :joy:

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Was it with random Hunters (pups) or party

  • Random
  • Party

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How you won and what was the combo ?

I mostly play monster. ^.-
Silver 4 right now as Behemoth. I can tell you what comps seem harder than others. I’ve faced several Gold teams as well.


Me and 3 other buddies took out the #3 silver player earlier today. He also happens to be a friend of mine so it was pretty funny. He’s currently 70-3

Combo was Caira, Hank, Abe, Markov vs Kraken

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Pretty much what I’ve seen used at higher ranks.
However Lazarus isn’t taken unless they’re skilled, only saw him used in Gold efficiently. All of the other Laz players were pretty easy to kill. I advise avoiding him.

Slim/Hank/Jack/and any of the assaults up there typically do well. Hate facing that comp as monster.

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with Cabot vs Kraken (good pick)

just let laz out of the dome or monster smell range

Laz is situational and better with timing (it requires more Passion than skill

farming @deanimate all day everyday

We beat a Gold, it was kinda cheap though. I honestly think we had a fair chance of beating him, but then his game glitches and he froze, about 3-4 seconds of solid headshot damage and it was the end of him :grin:. He was wraith BTW.

None because my 3 wins were against people still finding their rank, and 11 losses against a mix of bronze destroyers and silvers

As monster I have beaten a whole Silver expert team, though.


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