[Poll] Griffin Harpoons :|


Griffin harpoon is situational unlike other trappers … it works when you’re in the opposite direction of the monster …+ when the monster is not focusing on you

After TRS nerfed it’s cooldown from 2.75 to 3.5 ( I agree about that ) and Nerf it’s range from 50 to 41

I think he will be even less viable after nerfing sunny jet booster and val transq

Currently I m wasting so much of harpoons ( because it’s not accurate or it’s out of range )

Do you think those changes affected him much ??

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you think he will be the worst trapper after nerfing sunny + transq ??

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you think the range Nerf was necessary ?

  • Yes
  • No

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1 traversal from Goliath can cancel out Griffen harpoons because of the range … Do I have to be so close from the monster to capture him (Griffin has no defense) … I get it that monsters face many obstacles against sunny - griffin - val comb … But the problem wasn’t Griffin …

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I still prefer Griffin over Maggie, because you can choose the best moment to hit the Monster.


The worst trapper cc in the next update do you think ??

  • Maggie harppons
  • Wasteland Magie harpoons
  • Griffin harpoons
  • Abe stasis
  • Crow stasis
  • Jack repulser

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Well I never ues Griffin. But from what I’ve seen, they haven’t really been bad or anything so.
And wtf people are voting Jack for worst cc? O_o


Probably because they want to keep exploiting his repulsory :slightly_smiling:


Griffin is absolutely fine in both his excellent combat support when he’s not a primary target and his superb chase game outshadowing every other Trapper, even without the help of Val or Sunny.

His only drawback is the complete lack of self-defense with his CC, unlike the other Trappers who can, with either Harpoon Traps or Stasis, at least help themselves out a little.

In my opininion Jack is the sole reason, because of his support rivaling Griffin’s yet also having the self-defense to boot, the balance aspect of Griffin is skewed.
He is, again in my opinion, still “Griffin on steroids”.


I like Griffin where he’s at for now except for the situation with how much some monsters are able to move when harpooned, especially on odd angles.

I’d like to see it so that Griffins harpoon was more of hard CC at more angles, it’d reinforce the clutch CC nature of his play and make it less frustrating to hit a good 'poon on a monster but it seemingly do nothing.

Also see: Harpooning wraith in just about any situation feeling pointless, not halting a fast Bob roll.

But range, reload, I’ve come to be happy with these things. I don’t think any Val or Sunny nerf that may or may not happen changes how I feel about them since I never cared much for cheesing on the chase anyway.


Glad to hear your thoughts .man … I just think nerfing it range by 18% is kind of too much …

  1. it’s has a long cool down - (you can’t spam it )

  2. it’s not accurate … it’s easy to miss

  3. The range is a small distant

  4. Griffin has no defense unlike other trappers

For all of these reasons I would say 45 meter is the optimum …

Sunny that was the op character that was helping Griffin , is not much of a hassle anymore for the monsters in the next patch


It has perfect accuracy, actually. It always hits in the direct center of your reticule.


I think he’s more referring to the fact that unlike a harpoon trap you can miss by not being accurate enough with your aim. It’s one of the big frustrations learning Griffin (as you probably know!), missing harpoons because the monster traversed just as you pulled the trigger can be horrible, but a harpoon trap would have got them.

I think the long range was causing a situation where Griffin could be too safe at a distance, and in a weird way being at distance also helped his accuracy. Combine this with the harpoon not breaking when moving around terrain and such and I can see how much of a pain it was to begin with.

Add Sunny in to the mix and wow does that Range hurt.

Griffin’s range originally was amazing because he was the trapper that would secure the dome. the range was necessary to have a chance to lock that monster down while the dome formed. But the game is different now, so I don’t see the need for that range, and I respect that the game isn’t fun for monster players against Griffin if they can’t get away.

But you’re right, there are issues there. The shorter range means that a miss is more possible, and misses with Griffin are felt more than any other trapper (I know this is what you mean by him having the worst CC!). Couple it with the fact he’s the only trapper that can’t self sustain and sometimes Griffin can feel like an extremely weak pick.

I would welcome some tweaks to his kit, to make the harpoon more reliable against monsters of different types and movement vectors, I’d definitely welcome something like a system whereby a harpoon hit always interrupts a traversal regardless of direction, but that the harpoon auto breaks if the monster is moving towards Griffin to some degree. This would give him something without making it too crazy.

All in all I’d rather see interesting changes that make the current range and reload speed work rather than to revert them. I won’t complain at all if the reload is sped up, or range is increased, it’ll make my job easier… but I don’t know if that’s really the best thing for the monsters. I guess it all depends what this next big meta shift they’re planning brings!

  1. "Do you think those changes affected him much??"

Yes. That was the point of the changes. If it had no effect then it would have been a pointless change.

  1. "Do you think he will be the worst trapper after nerfing sunny + tranqs??"

I think he will still be viable. He will still be situational as always, but that’s just how he is. I don’t believe there are any “worst” trappers. Imo, they will all be balanced. Need to see how exactly this Sunny nerf is though. How it feels.

  1. "Do you think the range Nerf was necessary ?"

Yes. It was a change to make the chase comp less effective. With the dome drop reduction, Griffin didn’t have the role of harpooning to ensure a dome anymore. He was purely using the range for the chase. In-dome you would be staying fairly close behind the monster to shorten the leash.

  1. "The worst trapper cc in the next update do you think ??"

WLM’s harpoons probably. 1 harpoon (similar to Griffin), which has an arm time of a few seconds. It’s very hit and miss. The harpoon can easily be destroyed (if placed on the ground and not a cliff), and unless you have sight on it, or have your map up all of the time, you may not realize it has gone down. In a fight against a monster like the Goliath, it’s not very effective, as it requires the goliath to be facing away. If he turns, he may get hit in the front and just break it anyway. Considering he has a definite window of 3-4 seconds (someone correct me), it’s not very effective.

Griffin can harpoon immediately assuming good positioning. WLM must plan ahead, which is very hit and miss. Especially with a goliath that moves around a lot and switches targets often.

However, WLM’s harpoon is quite effective on Wraiths and Kraken. More so on Wraith (will get snagged if they try to warp through the air).


From a purely logical point of view, if anyone views Griffin as the worst CC then they should actually think that Crow is the worst CC. While more controlling of movement speed is much less actually controlling of what the monster wants to do, but with the added issue of not actually having an insta-hit CC with all the same issues of accuracy and monster prediction Griffin has.


Saying Griffin’s harpoon is situational because you have to be behind the Monster is a little silly. That’s a very easy situation to create: just get behind them.

The harpoon is an amazing combat tool. It cancels Goliath’s charge, traversal, and leap smash, Kraken’s flight, Wraith’s traversal, warp blast, and abduction, and Gorgon’s traversal.

Entirely cancelling abilities through just patience. If you don’t think you can make awesome things happen, fight a Gorgon. You can see when she’s about to traverse. Wait for the web sling, poon, and laugh. I pulled this on a gold monster and he literally stopped trying to traverse because it was a waste of time; he couldn’t move.

The harpoon is great, and it’s still great on the chase. It was just too good before. Griffin feels like he’s in a good spot.


This. I quit monster a couple of days ago and have been truly enjoying doing this to monsters. To the sliver destroyer monster last night; I’m sorry :wink:


There are no trappers with bad CC.
So I find that it is hard to vote on something like that.

I walked a gold Kraken last night with Wasteland Maggie. It was amazing!


Simple physics

It doesn’t work effectively unless the monster is in your opposite direction

Or if you position your self in the opposite direction … What is silly about that ??

Otherwise it’s auto breakable or easy to break it … Or the monster get to you faster if he is on you

You can’t use it all the time …


Griffin had the easiest CC to counter in combat but has the best chase stopper. He is great for getting the Monster domed but then is situational.


I’m saying you just reposition yourself. I know it has those limitations, but they’re easy limitations to work around.


Would like to see some more votes …


Yeah griffin is still a amazing trapper. Although I do dislike harpoons preventing a monster from climbing especially with behemoth :confused: .