POLL give us back the old maps

please just give them back already, its not like the maps are all balanced in arcade.

  • toss the old maps out in arcade with no balancing
  • balance the maps first
  • i dont really care

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Its not as easy as flipping a switch.

Bear in mind that stage 2 has a new wild-life spawn system. The wildlife spawns are relatively hand crafted to ensure there are not only multiple viable feeding routes, but to help ensure that evolve times are consistent- And fall within a particular range.

If they didnt do this, wed see what we used to see in Legacy- Monsters that just rush THE route, and are evolve ready within 10-15 seconds of the hunters touching the ground.

This takes time. Lots of time. They have to put these routes in, test them, then retest them. Then test them some more. And then play on them start to finish. And then try different paths along different routes. And then…


I always thought that devs should actually put old maps directly in stage 2 to let people know that they are terribly balanced for what evolve is now. So people will actually feel on their own skin that things aren’t that easy to do…

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yeah the new wildlife spawn system maybe a hurdle but not abig one i guess ? (or is it so hard to place new strider spawn points)

i mean cmon can the old maps really be more imbalanced than cataclysm or overpowered ?
we also could give instant feedback to any change they make in the map.

Its not that its “hard” to place them. Its more that its a time consuming process to ensure the multiple routes are balanced


Yes, and i’m not joking. Did you notice also that new maps are way smaller than legacy? This is to prevent “running simulator” feeling and it makes domes a much more frequent event than in legacy where once you could actually have several matches without BEING ABLE to dome a monster because the area to cover was too big and then you had to face a full health stage 3 monster… that’s not funny.

I’d actually love that we could beta test the maps to help devs.

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hmm i dont think thats really time consuming tho, if you just look at the new maps and place wildlife distance and quantity arcording to them, i think the real time eaters are the make the map feel smooth, iron out the imbalanced spots

but maybe im talking just out of my arse here since i have no actual clue how this is done

Distance =/= Time in this game. Somethings can be further away- Yet be reached notably faster, entirely because of the geometry between it. Cliffs, pillars, obstacles, elevation differences, etc.

And youd bet your ass theyd actually PLAY TEST these things to see “how they feel” and actually, well, play out.


Balanced first. Though that hasn’t stopped modes like “Overpowered”.

no they are not way smaller im sorry there were small and big maps in legacy and distillery if anything became bigger which makes sense when every hunter can dome

im missing the old maps :confused:

well but thats a thing we can acutally test out then isnt it ? (wouldnt that be great ?)

Are you saying that the current maps, are smaller than their legacy counterparts?

Or are you saying that theyre using some of the smallest maps from the roster?

@Razor you impatient little sloooottt xD … wait for teh balance !!!

but its getting stale :frowning:

Simple answer, no.
Slightly extended answer, no because I’d rather the debs put care into the maps and change what is needed so that when it’s launched the community has faith in them when releasing content.
I’d rather not the first big new content that isn’t an adaptation leave a spiritual taste in people’s mouth.

do you know what happend to my carefully nutured friendslist of evolve i know what im doing players since the last patch ?

yeah better dont ask because i see like 1 or 2 people playing evolve when it usually was at least 20. I dont know much about faith but i think people are loosing it -.-

No, there are some really toxic bits of geometry that the Hunters can cheese for easy wins.

well even the new “balanced” maps had/have those spots, putting the maps back in our hands only lets us find these spots faster for remodeling.

The Dam will be released soon. Like this month soon, it seems. The rest will come when they are ready.