[POLL] Future of Evolve Competitive


Hey Guys, so a few people have contacted me asking, whats next. Well i’m here to find out what the community wants, and if there is enough interest in more Evolve Competitive content. I will look into running/administrating the tournament with a few others in the community, based on the results of this survey.
This tournament is not restricted to 1 platform. If there is interest, it will be made.
If this doesnt get more than 50 votes, i will not be going forward with this project.
So get people to vote :wink:
If you think of something you want added to the options, post an answer below.

Schedule & Style

  • I would like a weekly tournament with the top competitive teams
  • I would like a weekly community tournament
  • I would like a Bi-weekly open tournament
  • I would NOT like to see this…
  • I dont care about tournaments

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For those that don’t know: Survival Saturdays Rules

  • TGL 2.0 Rules
  • ESL Rules
  • Simplified TGL rules
  • Simplified ESL rules
  • Survival Saturdays Rule-set
  • Brand Spanking New Rule-set

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  • Community Generated Prize pool, split between the winners
  • Corporate sponsor prize pool
  • More Gorgeous TRS skins
  • For Fun, We dont care about prizes

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[ALL CONSOLES] Quick Shot Tournament

Yay first voter. And IMO no prizes is better, less cheeseplay and salt that way.


Voted and Posted that I voted bwahah


I just want more TGL Season 2 style, with the sort of open type deal with qualifying round for non vet teams.

Also, if this is just for PC, I’d mention that in the title.


thats TBD… If the interest is there… It could go Cross console…


Give me a reason to pick up the game, this would be. Yoda, I have become.


I’d help financially and organizing wise I’m not the best player but I’m getting there


I’d like a casual tournament, no prizes no try-hard teams, just fun play with people around the community.


I wish I could vote on multiple things. I’m fine with there being a prizepool to reward those who really invest their time in it and train a lot. On the other hand it would also be nice to see a tournament with no prize for the same reasons MidnightRoses mentioned.

I just really have no idea which one to vote on as I would like all of them.


If it’s community/open, yeah, no prize. You can trust that many people with keeping it cool.

If it’s high level, a cash prize actually increases competitive drive so they tend to bring their best, which is what high level should be doing in order to point out what’s OP/the right way, allowing TRS to make better balance changes.

We already got TRS community tournaments so I don’t get why we’d need more. I guess it bee nice to have TGS S2 rules for it but we should just ask TRS instead.


Somthing like this really needs implementing and would make watching competitive Evolve far more fun and popular.

(I know you have seen it Alex but make it happen!)


i looked into doing this… however i dont have the resources to create the site/whatnot…

That being said… i love the idea


Do some wizardry and



Consider yourself the Admin of the Unknown tournaments, Community PickEm Challenge. You’re incharge of making it and getting it up.
You can’t pass it back :stuck_out_tongue:


So far, its Weekly Community Tournament. Still need 50 Votes…


Community tournaments mean no ESL players at all right? D:


Yea bring back the Survival Saturday ruleset!
That was so much fun to watch!


Could I get a refresher on this, I know it has a lot of ban rules


I dont think it was ever used in a tournament setting so it would have to fleshed out a bit.

But the basic concept was that each side could only use each character once. So if game one was Kraken vs Val,Griffin,Sunny,Hyde does 5 characters would be banned for the game two. So the picks would become more and more limited.


Definitely want competitive tournaments to keep going ahead. If weekly is too much then I would hope people can definitely do every 2 weeks.

TGL ruleset sounds the best although I’m certainly open to it being changed a bit. I personally don’t like the monster ban due to balance issues primarily being to do with hunters where bans make sense to help balance the game until the devs balance it.

Honestly don’t care about money/prizes right now. That stuff sometimes serves as a detriment to the game and with the scene being small right now let’s play more for fun. Still serious in that people get to see high level play with both sides trying to win but no "We’re going to use broken comps and abuse certain things in the game to get that sweet 10 bucks"
We can do money stuff when we have a thriving scene :slight_smile: