Poll: Favorite Trailer?


Self explanatory, ladies and gentlemen. Your opinions, please. I’d also like you to rate your fave trailer on a scale of 1 to 10, in which 1 is watching IGN play, and 10 is watching the devs play.

  • Happy Hunting
  • Release the Kraken
  • Stalker
  • Behemoth
  • Evacuation Story Trailer
  • Gold Cinematic

Personally, I loved the Happy Hunting trailer, and I’d give it a 9.5 out of 10. It had the suspense, the atmosphere, the reveal, and it still sends a chill down my spine even a year after I first watched it. I also enjoyed the Kraken trailer- that one was intense too. I’d give that a 9 out of 10.
All the others probably get nines too, because they all are epic. But enough of my thoughts.

Your turn.


Stalker then evacuation story for me.


Okay, but why? And what would you rate those out of ten? Don’t have to answer, I’m just curious. :smile:


Can you put the latest trailer on the list? That is my favorite!


Agreed. Pretty close but stalker wins out through atmosphere.


Evac. It gives the entire summery of what is going on, Cabot gives a bad ass speech, and it really shows off how strong the Monsters are. I dislike the Intro one. Too much use of slow mo.


Stalker is the closest to actual gameplay and revealed the Wraith. Evacuation showed a lot of the hunters interactions and what was at stake for Shear.


For me it’d have to be the happy hunting one. Just because that’s the one that got me interested in evolve.
After that it’s probably a tie between the survival guide and the evac story ones


We’ll need a mod to do that- it won’t let me, unfortunately.


Evacuation story trailer is my favorite. Although they are all pretty good. Happy hunting did set a cool mood, although the others are more true to how the gameplay actually is.

My least favorite is probably the gold cinematic. It had some odd scenes that came off as awkward to the point of being silly. The very end where the Goliath was flaying his arms around everywhere made me chuckle at how stupid it looked. It had some cool parts too though.


Turns out you can’t modify a poll once it has started. Makes sense I guess.


i watched the evac trailer at least 15 times. so i had to vote for that by default


My favorite is a tie between the Evacuation Trailer and the Gold Cinematic.

The Evacuation Trailer was very nicely done, and the dialogue really got me into it since I’m a sucker for that sort of stuff. I love how it sums up the story, too.

The Gold Cinematic I actually like. Perhaps it’s the music in it, but it really pumped me up every day I watched it when I opened the game during beta. The Hank cigar scene made me laugh and the fight following that was epic.

The dialogue in the Evac Trailer might tip the scale a bit for me, but they’re still pretty close. Honestly, I do like every trailer just because the music and cinematics really make me want to jump into a match.


I voted for the Happy Hunting trailer. I loved the mood it set, the excellent music, and sets the theme of who’s hunting who.


Yay! I thought I was the only one!

In all seriousness, that thing still sends chills down my spine. When I first saw the trailer, I was expecting a space-deer or something. And Goliath is not a space-deer.


Happy hunting hands down. I found it by accident and decided to give it a watch… I regret nothing. The song was creepy and haunting which fit with scene of the game. 4 people hunting or being hunted… I still get chills XD

Plus that is how I was introduced to Val :heart_eyes: :val_2:


I’ll take the all of them option cause None of the trailers are disapointing


Damn it man!Now I’m re watching them all! I’ll decide which one I like best based on how much hysteria each of them builds up in me.


Evac trailer is the best. Nothing like having a support pick Cabot and then try to reproduce that speech.


I’m torn between the intro cinematic and “Happy hunting”.

I think I’ll go with the intro cinematic simply because it makes a solid yet silent statement and is REALLY intense.Music changes according to what’s going on. It’s also the closest to actual gameplay- showing all the action-reaction, turnarounds,synergy of classes and pure badassery of being a monster.

Yeah,Intro FTW!