(Poll) Favorite Star Wars Faction

  • Republic
  • CIS
  • Empire
  • Rebellion
  • First Order
  • The Resistance
  • Other (explain)

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  1. Republic
  2. Empire
  3. CIS

take your pick folks. and remember, the force will always be with you, no matter what side you pick.


Where are Jedi/Sith options? :slight_smile:


The Mandalorians! They’re the best.


Republic and Empire, respectively, although, the Jedi and Sith precede both of them, they are the representative symbols as of the movies. I guess, anyways.


technically, I would put the forceusers under “other” as they aren’t one of the major factions in the clone wars/ galactic civil war/ whatever the hell the new war is called.


ah, yes, Mandolorians, infamous for their amazing technology and nerves of steel!


Rebel scum!



The empire, because AT walkers, (eclipse/dreadnaught class) star destroyers, death star, dark side, dark troopers, tie fighters/interceptors/defenders, etc etc


CIS, because General Grevious and armies of awesome robots.


CLONES ALL THE WAY BABY. :slight_smile: 10char


Does Han Solo count as his own faction because I think it should.


he falls under “smugglers”, but him and Chewie really are a dynamic duo :wink:


LOL should I just remove resistance and first order? no one really likes them xD


They’re not cool but nobody liked the prequels, but we can’t pretend they didn’t happen, actually we can and most do.


Ouch, I must be a nobody then. :cry:


CIS!! Guess why C:


Wait who are you?
Being for real though, I didn’t like the prequels, there was lots a bad acting and the first one was all about boarder patrol laws, but I liked 3 it was pretty alright.


Rebellion for sure. They are the only faction that’s 100% out for the good of the people :smiley_cat:


i wonder what would happen if we put your body in a droid…